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VK Tip 109 : Do Vital Organ Balancing during walking and working

:smile: Golden Sunrise to all

Sharing my VK experience When I go for Morning walk I keep my VK in both palms while walking.
Then imagine my both eyes on my palm. I start chanting EYE SERUM continuously for few minutes.
This is similar as doing VOB, by touching VK to my eyes on my palm and Continously chanting Eye Serum.

you can read the Simple Vital Organ Balancing in the link

Similarly i do healing with VK for my other Vital organs during my walk.
You can Also do Complete VOB process regularly for Perfect Health
Doing this process regularly i have lots of Energies and my overall health is Perfect.

Please read this article How to use VOB and Cosmic Serums together

:heart: Gratitudes to @SharatSir ji for making Healing so simple and easy with VK.


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