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VK Success Story....beyond medical science

  1. One of my friend's relative was hospitalized for severe breathlessness and tremendous weakness.
  2. She was put on Oxygen support as her body was not getting enough oxygen, because of which there was tremendous pressure on her brain and she had developed blurred vision too.
  3. After consulting with Golden Rakhiji, with regards to what healing to be given, i was advised to send the energies of Hanuman Chalisa and Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra every 10 min.
  4. On that day the patient slept very soundly and next day she was without Oxygen Support for an hour. The patient was very cheerful and positive in attitude.
  5. Initially DRs had told that she needs at least 8-10 days hospitalization. But after sending above energies there was so rapid improvement in her condition, that she was back home on the 4th day itself.
  6. Thank You VK, Golden Rakhiji and Sharat Sir <3 1. 1. *


  • @VeennaVNegglur ji


    Thank you for sharing the update and experience in detail.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your patience and efforts.

    keep sharing and motivate all of us.

    Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK working beyond medical science !!

  • :3 awesome dear
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    Thanks a lot Rakhiji.
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    I forgot to mention in the above case that all the tests done by doctors turned out to be inconclusive, as all the tests were normal. The Doctors were clueless with Diagnosis, as to what may have caused the problem. Even I was unsure as to what serums needed to be used.
    It was then that Rakhiji guided me.Thanks a lot once again Rakhiji
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thank you for sharing your experience @VeennaVNegglur
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