Kinesis energies Aerokinesis,Hydrokinsis

Sir,Golden Sunrise
I am trying to learn diffrent energies on line,practicing them with teachers way,not satisfied with my speed or gained knowledge,can I mimicking Kinesis.


  • @Shirish


    what effects are you expecting with these energies through VK
  • To send energies to environment to reduce the hilarious effect of negative energies to safe our mother planet,this is my gratitude I wish to pay.
    Rather we form a group to help people affecting calamities.
    This idea generate my mind as I am working for Drug Free World.
  • @Shirish

    Great idea. You can send energy through VK....just with a simple request to VK
  • Golden Sunrise,
    Rakhi ji,thanks for accepting my request and idea.
  • @Shirish


    Thanks to you for this Divine thought. We take so much from Mother Earth. She keeps blessing us in infinite ways.

    We can also do small acts to reserve our resources. We are the ones again to gain back from her.

    Keep sharing your ideas and VK experiences to inspire all of us

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