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VK TIP 117 :Gratitude to Mother Earth with Aerokinesis Hydrokinesis, Mass Healing idea by Shirishji


Here is a wonderful idea/VK tip shared and tested by @Shirish ji to send energies to Mother Earth and experience balanced energies from climate/atmosphere

Shirishji posted a question on Litairian forum if AEROKINESIS and HYDROKINESIS can be mimicked with VK for healing Mother Earth. He did not stop at his question answer, but went ahead executing his idea using his VK. Here is his first question post in Nov 2018

After few weeks he posted his experience on feeling a change in weather. He also initiated a discussion if all VK users can come together and send such energies to Mother Earth.

Please read his own experience in this link....

As a group , we can all contribute just with a simple request to VK.

AEROKINESIS is a psychic ability of a person to connect with wind flow and cause changes in air movement. This can help to change temperature or increase oxygen level, relative to the Earth's surface.

HYDROKINESIS is psychic ability of a person to connect with external water body and cause it movements.

Both the concept are based on the fact that human beings have air and water inside our bodies. And humans can with their psychic abilities connect to external air/atmosphere or water(water bodies on earth) and cause movements to change their patterns.

Here there could be many techniques, but in VK MIMICKING, we do NOT need to know the technique, we can just request VK to send the effect of AEROKINESIS and HYDROKINESIS to Mother Earth, keeping the intention of pleasant healthy climate and atmosphere to our habitat.

This post is open for all VK user, daily you can send atleast one request to VK for aerokinesis and hydrokinesis effect to Mother Earth. If you have more than one VK, use the BOOST METHOD to multiply the effects.

A small act can bring big change, so lets start today from this post.

Whenever you are making this request, you can post in the comment box and make this post lively reminding others. If you cannot post overtime, but you are sending energy, you can come to this post once in a week and post your comment.

We take a lot from Mother Earth in form of multiple resources, now lets send some energies to balance the climate and atmosphere. We are only again going to benefit.

You can send other positive energies you feel.

Some examples are GOLDEN SUNRISE, PEACE, LOVE and so on......

If the same type of energy is sent by most of the VK users, it will have a concentrated effect across the globe.

Thank you @Shirish ji for wonderful idea and initiative for our beautiful planet and Mother Earth

Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK and infinite possibilities with VK.


  • Beautiful Energy of LOVE sent to Mother Earth for enhancing beauty of her resources with my multiple VK.

  • Golden Sunrise,Sharat sir,ideal is my prevelage to pay my gratitude in the form of energy to mother Earth.
    Every day as I wakeup i thank god and send energy,every morning I feel i served something which I can for my MOTHER.
    Not more or less.
  • Very Divine idea... Sent the effect of AEROKINESIS and HYDROKINESIS to Mother Earth


  • Sent AEROKINESIS, HYDROKINESIS and love serum to mother earth

  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for participation and keeping this post live

    LOVE SERUM is an energy to improve own relations with others. So when you are in giving mode to Mother Earth can send LOVE energy instead of LOVE SERUM

    Giving LOVE SERUM is like asking for self.
  • I was already giving love ,gratitute to mother earth .Yes surely will do this from now onwards.I want to add one more thing here,Mother Earth has always blessed each one of us with plenty without anything in return.Just think if each one of us start giving positive energies to mother earth we can be part of such divine cause and we all be blessed by her immense love and care .
  • Great efforts @Shirish ji... I know Mother Earth is giving u lots of blessings
  • Sent healing.
  • Thanks for posting such a wonderful post we will also start doing this and also send love energy to mother Earth
  • edited July 2020
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Have sent healing to earth
  • Oops I forgot the emoji don’t work !! Sending Peace and Love - and thanks for the post !!!!
  • Divine thoughts from Divine people! ...sending AEROKINESIS, HYDROKINESIS & LOVE Energies to mother earth
  • WOW.. Amazing thought and experience.. Will start from tonight
  • Healing Mother Earth itself is Divine idea ????
  • Great idea!! Sent healing to motivate earth
  • Wow what a thought!! Sent the healing to mother Earth !!
  • Sent energetic effect of AEROKINESIS, HYDROKINESIS and BALANCE SERUM to Mother Earth.

  • Sent healing to mother earth
  • Healing energy sent to mother Earth with VK
    Thankyou for Sharing Amazing idea
  • sent healing

  • Dear vk pls send energy of aerokinesis and hydrokinesis to mother earth now...
  • sent healing

  • Sent energetic effect of AEROKINESIS, HYDROKINESIS and BALANCE SERUM to Mother Earth.

  • Golden Sunrise to Sharat sir, my VK prabhu,and all VK motivator.
    We have to send energies of Geokinesis also along with Hydrokinetic,Aerokinesis and Balance serum,it's because Geo means Earth.
    Golden Sunrise to all
  • Thank you for this. I have started sending Hydrokinesis and Aerokinesis to Mother Earth daily and will now also include Geokinesis.
  • went through the tip today and requested VK maa to send these energies to Dharti Maa

  • Golden Sunrise , what a great idea you came up with as mother earth is providing us with our all needs , and we should of course do whatever we can do from our side , i have started sending it from tdy itself as im a new user , do we need to add with safety and security ? Pl guide
  • I feel greatful to mother Earth as she is accepting energy since nov2018.
  • I always feel greatful, to send Energies to Mother Earth and Divine source for Abundance of wealth in the for of Green n cool environment,sufficient water,minerals etc.

  • Gratitude to Mother Earth for providing us with all her blessing. Energy healing sent
    Thank you Sharat Sir for making it possible and Rakhi Mam for sharing this wonderful idea.

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