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Fill Tachyon in VK

Can i make all round Tachyon antenna in VK ?


  • @richard


    How will you do it ?

    And how will it help if you already have VK attuned with Cosmic Energies flowing out continuously ?

  • Q17. If VK can mimic any healing modality, can’t I request VK to mimic healing of VIBBES SEEDER for my place using any Serum or any other energies? Do I still need a VIBBES SEEDER?

    A17. Based on my experiments with VK, before the launch of VIBBES SEEDER, I want to share this with you that…

    Yes, you can mimic the healing of VIBBES SEEDER through your VK. But your OWN LIMITATIONS will also play a role.

    Once you place a request to VK to mimic the effect of a VIBBES SEEDER for your premises, VK will send energy continuously for 30 min. as VK is designed for auto-healing for 30 min. However, after 30 min., again you need to place this request to your VK to have a continuous flow of energy as that from VIBBES SEEDER.

    I did many experiments with VK using ALL CLEAR SERUM, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and some other energies. In my all experiments, I found that VK can clear many types of negative energies and Doshas in a premise when a request is placed. But it is required to place a request once every day. If you stop sending energies to the same place, the unwanted energies come back again, the harmful effects of Earth’s electromagnetic radiations, the Vaastu Doshas, and the Feng Shui faults get reactivated, the negative vortex starts forming again.

    Temporary relief is NOT what is required at any place, but what is required is a CONTINUOUS UNINTERRUPTED flow of positive energies to the premises. This effect can be achieved by placing a VIBBES SEEDER.

    And what about healing in sleeping hours or at night? There will be a big time gap in healing through VK. This will again manifest in unwanted effects from factors described above.

    Taking a temporary solution from VK by mimicking will not be beneficial for long term.

    Globally people from various fields are still looking out for a one-stop single solution to raise the overall and complete energy of any home or workplace from negative or unwanted effects as described above.

    On your FAQ above, VK only work 30 minutes after request. If i add tachyon antenna so VK can work automatic like VS.

  • @richard

    How will VK transfer the Requested energy to Tachyon ?

  • Attune VK become Tachyon antenna

  • Or request VK become Tachyon antenna.
    VK i ask become Tachyon antenna now and forever 3x

  • So that VK users can be protected without having to make requests to VK.

  • @richard

    If you place any request to VK it will send that energy for 30 min by auto healing. if that energy need is higher by receiver, you need to request again and again.

    If you request VK to become tachyon antenna,,,,,it would follow your request only for 30 min. So it doesn't make sense to place this request again and again.

    The words NOW FOREVER is NOT an operational instruction for VK,

    its a thought to VK and the Universe. Many people keep in their thoughts that things are temporary and place their thoughts back to un desired things.

    For example....when there is an infection....there is a chance of re-occurance. So if a person thinks about thought they attract it by law of attraction. Also more energy is required for VK to work on infection and the person's negative thoughts.

    So Sharat Sir guides that we keep the intention to be healthy always. This raises our vibration and speeds up healing.

    If you say VK to WORK NOW FOREVER, operationally VK will not follow this request as it designed to SEND Requested energy only for 30 min. If the energy suffices for a week for a person, then no need to place a 2nd request to VK immediately. If the need is high, place a request again after 30 min. In this 30 min, there is a reservoir of energy created by VK. The receiver will take energy as per need from this reservoir.

    I want to tell you more apart from TACHYON or other theories.

    Sharat Sir is Divinely blessed to SEE Cosmic Energy....Divine blessed him the ability to make VK.

    This is my personal opinion, that Divine placed a limitation to VK, that it can send energy only for 30 min. Divine probably wanted us to know that we need to work , do our actions and think about our wishes whether we really want them again and do we deserve them again and again.

    I see this as a greater blessing , that Divine wants us to appreciate and accept VK working as it could be designed. Not to tamper with its change it as per our convenience.

    How much does it take to make a NEW request just few seconds....VK is a blessing.

    We should focus our ideas and creativity on working with VK in newer ways to heal many situations .

    Why do we feel to focus on operational part of Divine VK !!

  • Ok thank you very much Mam.


    TACHYON ANTENNA is an energy system which removes only electromagnetic radiations in a place.
    Its capacity to remove Electromagnetic radiations is limited only to the place at which these electromagnetic radiations exist.
    So one should be capable enough to know where these electomagnetic radiations are located in that place. So first locate the place where electromagnetic radiations are. And then place the TACHYON ANTENNA exactly on those locations for them to work.

    Like if the electromagnetic radiations are on a switchboard. Then TACHYON ANTENNA should be placed on the that particular switch board to remove those electromagnetic radiations.

    If the Tachyon Antenna is removed from that switch board it will NO LONGER have the capacity to remove those electromagnetic radiations.

    Also TACHYON ANTENNA does NOT have the capacity to remove any Other Negative energies. It has NO capacity to remove negative vortices, no capacity to remove Vaastu Doshas. It does not work the way you have mentioned to remove negative energies from a place.

    This knowledge was shared to us by Sharat Sir when we were involved in VIBBES SEEDER experiments with him before it was launched to the world. Sir has conducted many experiments with TACHYON ANTENNA 12 YEARS BACK !!

    When we want to mimick energies with VK, it is important to know what results are expected from mimicking. Please also read the BASIC LEARNING POST ON VK MIMICKING FACTS post no 20 understand what is VK mimicking.....

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learning efforts !

    Vk's can only mimicking just for 30 minutes not forever.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher - Is it possible if one can have multiple VKs to create Tachyon ?

  • @Shrinath

    How will it happen just think ?
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