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Charging water.....with key card holder and muscle test

edited August 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I have three VK’s I have mine on A key card holder and when I change my water,the VK swings like a pendulum over the bottle in circles. I don’t count or time the rotation, but when it’s done I muscle test and ask VK if it is complete. It says complete and I feel it is enough. Just thought I would share. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you


  • @Pollyanna

    Thats amazing.

    . :thankyou for sharing

  • @Pollyanna you have discovered a new way of using VK. Thanks and Golden Sunrise for your efforts.

  • Thank You sir and Golden Sunrise to you. I wish I could show pictures. VK has changed my life. Thank you for your service

  • @Pollyanna


    You can always share your happiness with pictures on [email protected]

    We will be glad to see them.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your joyful life NOW FOREVER !!
  • Thank You Rakhi. I will do that.

  • Rakhi Are you able to point me to your way of setting up multiple healings as I am having so many that I can't keep up. I want this to be enjoyable and not overwhelming.

  • @Pollyanna

    Will post...

    Though its posted in some earlier posts. In parts
  • Thank You dear one. How do I post a success story?

  • I posted a success story under muscle cramps, I never know exactly where to post them.

  • @Pollyanna

    Its the same way how you post a new question. Start a new thread category VK SUCCESS STORIES and post.

    If the category is not selected as it should be we change it to a different one.

    But if you have asked a question already on forum. And you have been guided and then when you get the can post it on that question thread itself.

    We then change the category of that question post to VK success stories. In this its motivating for the VK user and other users who read the entire comment right from question or initial situation....the guidance....the results. The VK users can also post what they did additionally to the guidance posted.

    We take care of categories....
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