Healing Teeth sensitivity making gums strong by re-grow gum tissue restore..Dr Tom Kolso HAPPY MOUTH


Last month I was having issues with my gums & because of which:
1. I was having sensitivity with some tooths
2. Swollen gums
3. Food was getting stuck in some gaps and creating uneasiness.

So I started with search of any healing modality available to:
1. Re-grow gum tissue & restore
2. Regenerate tooth
3. Regenerate bone

I found such healing possible with Access Consciousness process called Happy Mouth by Dr. Tom Kolso.

So, started with healing to recovery with following healing statement for 15 days to VK once in a day & kept aside for 30 mins.

"VK Deva, activate Happy Mouth by Dr. Tom Kolso to me to re-grow gum tissue, restore & regenerate tooth & regenerate bone NOW NOW NOW".

Now I am feeling more stronger teeth and gums. No sensitivity & also food is not getting stuck in gums.


Try this and let me know the results.

Gratitude to VK & Sharat Sir. :thankyou


  • Woww... Fantastic :blush:
    Thankyou for sharing in so much detail @Chetandurdi ji.
    Much appreciated Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
    This is the best way to explore and experience with VK and the motive of sharing VK and this forum by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji.
  • @Chetandurdi

    WOW. Thanks for sharing.....

    I was reading about Dr Tom Kolso, after reading your post here.

    He is a Dentist and he has clubbed Access Consciousness in his practising ways....to go beyond what books usually teach us.

    His HAPPY MOUTH session is a specialised technique designed by him with his trademark for dental health.

    You have utilised the amazing feature of VK of MIMICKING with Dr Tom Kolso's dental technique. Here you did not know the procedures or technique details but had some information what results it gives.

    Thats the perfect way of mimicking.

    We will include this experience post in our main article of mimicking ....for VK users to know Creativity and VK has INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

    Thank you again for sharing it in details.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for amazing feature of VK i.e. Mimicking as one of the gifts from VK to all of us.

  • @Chetandurdi, A great mimicking done by you with VK. Nice to read all the experience...

  • Thank you @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher & @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for appreciating for the success we get with VK.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for blessing VK & VS.

  • Wow Wow Wow that's a great sharing.
    :thankyou @Chetandurdi for this creative mimicking.
    Golden Sunrise to all of your efforts.

  • I am having lot of tooth issues. Too much salt or too much sugar is causing me tooth ache. Caan i request for the same healing? @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Kari mam,
    :smile: The above healing by @Chetandurdi is an exceptional experiment and Success story.

    Mimicking energy is the Best feature of VK known to us.
    :star: You should be known about the technique and effects before mimicking any prcedure with VK.

    If you know about the technique and procedure mentioned above then please do experience with VK included with safety and security request.
    :star: You can also follow this link below for the Tooth sensitivity
  • Can this mimicking be used to address the wisdom tooth issue which has been titled and little open gums ..plz guide
  • @Chandreshn

    You can check online what does Tom Kolso therapy apply to. As VK will help to mimick its effects when you request for mimicking.

    So when you want to know if mimicking will give effect read about what does the actual therapy does for results.

    You can also read Mimicking post 20 on Basics of VK for more understanding.
  • I have done this mimicking
    Because my teeth was braking little by little and it stopped now by one year.
    One day I noticed my corner teeth gum is swollen I thought new teeth is growing it was sweet pain after three days in the morning lot's puss and blood was coming and there was no pain Now I realised that I was done mimicking Dr. Tom kolsos tecnikby V K
    Thank you Sharat Sir for your Magical invention V K
  • Wow thankyou for Sharing your VK experience.
    Golden Sunrise
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