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VK support for Acupuncture Treatment

Hi All

When I started thinking on alternate treatment for Modern medicine (Allopathy) then I came across Acupuncture before I came to know about VK. I completed one year diploma course in Acupuncture life Science in Bharathiar University Tamil Nadu . My goal is to give FREE treatment for people on week ends (Currently my profession is Software Engineer). I understand VK document also talks about acupuncture. But I want to continue Acupuncture treatment for the people.
I want to know how VK can help me to support acupuncture treatment.

Please suggest how I use VK for acupuncture treatment so that people can get more benefits.

May be I question is strange but we all need to aim for disease free family and nation.

Please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards
Chetan Shirol


  • @chetan_shirol


    Happy to read your thoughts and initiative for the nation.

    You can use VK to support your healing therapy in many ways.
    Posting some that came in my mind now

    1. You can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to know the exact pressure points for this receiver for his or organ or illness(intention of person who came for healing to you)

    2. VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to know the root cause of the health issues of this receiver.

    3. VK GOLDEN SUNRISE enhance my accupuncture healing for xyz with safety and security.

    4. You can give BRAVO SERUM or request VK to help the receiver to cooperate with you in the healing session. As some people get nervous with needles or needle pricks.

    5.Request VK that the receiver should benefit and be healthy now forever.

    6. You can take BEAUTY SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE for your healing skills.

    7. You can charge your needles or tools with GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM.

    8. You can even charge the needles used on specific patients with required serums
    Like if you are treating acidity ...charge the needles or tools with DIGEE SERUM
    If you are healing kidney....then charge with KEY PEN SERUM.

    9. In healing sessions you can keep the intention with VK that the receiver gets a healthy life NOW FOREVER.

    10. You can request VK that more number of people should reach you and benefit from your healing to be healthy now forever.

    11. Request VK to give you support to complete your healing sessions smoothly for benefit of people and the receivers enjoy the healing.

    12. Additionally you can give them VK charged water to drink before the session or even after to take it home. In this way you can fasten your healing.

    Just a correction keep the intention of healthy nation instead of disease free....the more positive words...the higher frequency.

    You can even mimic accpunture with safety and security for people on week days if you feel.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE Blessings to you. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and the noble cause !!

    Do share your VK experiences on Litairian Forum to inspire all of us!!
  • Something similar I do with crystal...if someone wants to buy crystals for particular purpose... I do charge it with vk with different serums.
  • Thank you Rakhiji
    i do not use needles i just use my forefinger tip for the treatment. It is called AccuTouch which is based on acupuncture theory. Sure now on i use nore positive word like Healthy family or nation and avoid negative words.
    Thank you so much
  • @chetan_shirol

    Thats Accupressure....where healing is given with finger tips or clips. Your main post says Accupuncture....which uses needles mostly. Maybe terminologies are classified differently.

    For accupressure , you can request VK to enhance your healing.

    I do practise accupressure sometimes. Sharat Sir guided me to request VK to press those points if i feel tired doing accupressure. And i got the same effect as manual accupressure.

    Other than needle can choose the other ways to support your sessions.

  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    Thank you for sharing . Just one more point. When the serum energies in charged crystals get transferred to the receiver or crystal user...the crystal again becomes raw or devoid of VK energies .

    Such raw crystals have a tendency to absorb negativity of the crystal user or his or her surroundings too.
    Its not advisable to wear crystals without regular cleansing.

    Here crystals can be charged with ALL CLEAR SERUM or GOLDEN SUNRISE regularly for cleansing using VK.
  • Rakhiji It is acupuncture . .They researched and invented that instead of needle forefinger tip can be used

    Thank you for input. Hope i will be able help needy people.

    Thank you so much
  • @chetan_shirol

    Based on my personal experience....once you decide to take the path to help many.....Universe makes way to achieve it in a beautiful way.

    And the bonus is you will be blessed multifold even when you dont ask or expect anything in return. I have witnessed this many times in my family.

    Just one more point....i have used VK to give pressure on accupressure points by pressing VK on the points or rubbing on points. Somehow i felt it was more easy with good effect. Do try this on yourself. Cosmic accupressure ....thats how i coin it.
  • Thank you so much . . VK team is faster than VK. Thanks for clarifying my queries so fast . . .
  • edited July 2018
    Thanks rakhiji for adding point of cleansing, which I regularly do n tell my clients too, but I have seen very fast results when I charge with vk
  • @chetan_shirol

    Thank you for the compliment =) to Team VK. Loved your line.

    VK helps us a lot in our role as Team VK. We take support from our VK to answer.

    I ask questions to my VK even when i answer sometimes or write new posts on forum. And its an amazing experience to write with VK. Sometimes i feel VK is dictating my fingers as i type the posts.

    VK also gives us patience to listen and understand and then post.
    Its my amazing partner at forum.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK and giving us an opportunity to be here .....we too learn a lot with different questions and experiences.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher your answers are very helpful and they give hope and energy . i feel in each word
  • @faissal


    Thank you for the compliments.

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