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i have been using vk for about 10 days and so far there is no improvement at all.i know its early days but is there any advice you could give me please as i suffered from insomnia for 21 years and desperate for sleep.thank you



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    Which areas are you expecting improvement with VK and how have you used VK for those areas in last 10 days.
  • hi
    thank you for answering back actually i want to go to bed and sleep like everybody else.i have used the vk by saying golden sunrise x 3 ent serum x 3 and also energised my life is such a mess due to the traumas i went through in the past.basically im looking to change my life completely a new me a new life.i had a lot of blackmagic done to me so my life is quite complicated. im divorced and lonely so im very depressed for many many years and these days im kind of glued to bed due to my insomnia. all area of my life are blocked wether its finance love or health nothing works for me.

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    Please Keep the intention to VK for a deep peaceful sleep for..n hours. and to wakeup fresh after n hours.

    N is number of hours you want to sleep.

    Also please AVOID eating heat generating foods. Some examples ...Dry fruits , honey , garlic , dried coconut , mangoes , papaya, cinnamon , ginger, fenugreek/methi seeds or leaves. Pepper , Capsicum , carrots, garam masala spices

    This will help you further to sleep well.
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    Please take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with VK regularly. This will protect you from negativity.

    Also please do this test with VK

    Just take a glass of drinking water. Take a sip and note the taste of this uncharged water.

    Now charge this drinking water with HANUMAN CHALISA energy

    Hold VK and say "HANUMAN CHALISA"* 3 times and rotate VK over this filled water glass 10 to 15 times. After charging , taste this HANUMAN CHALISA water and please share what is taste of charged water as compared to uncharged water.

    Will wait for your answer. Do share the results to help you more.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
  • hi
    i have tried what you said no change at i said to you before there are a lot of blockages in my life.i have tried everything in my life nothing works.i dont have peace no happinness at all in my life.i want to live life i had enough of people rejecting me especially men i want relief from all my pain.depression insomnia loneliness etc.please madam im doing what you advised me why im not getting any results.i want a change of life i want happiness in my life i want friends a husband money my health etc.i know vk has changed a lot of people lives.

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    Dear please check the above post of mine. Have you checked the taste of Hanuman chalisa water.
    Please share your results
  • hello rakhi madam i have tasted i honestly cant feel any not saying there is no difference but at the moment i cant feel it possibly because of all the negativity in my life.i have a lot of respect for hanuman bhagwan and i do believe there is a difference and i would love to feel that taste and feel blessed by hanuman bhagwan.

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    In your earlier posts, you mentioned that

    "I had a lot of blackmagic done to me so my life is quite complicated"

    The test of HANUMAN CHALISA was suggested to you based on discussion and guidance received from Sharat Sir for you.

    When water is charged using VK with HANUMAN CHALISA energy, if the taste of this water is somewhat BITTER or VERY BITTER or UNPLEASANT or UNACCEPTABLE as compared to Uncharged water from same source, it implies that a person who gets such taste is affected by Negative spirits or Black Magic or similar effects.

    Other people who are free from such effects would either find NO DIFFERENCE in taste or SOMEWHAT SWEET OR VERY SWEET depending upon the taste buds.

    So now in your case , since you didn't find any difference. Thats a GOOD NEWS .

    You can keep sipping HANUMAN CHALISA water whenever you feel that you are affected by any negative spirits.

  • Gs zem
    As I checked above messages, you can't sleep properly ,you can try this ..., take water in one glass keep vk over it saying in your own words to remove all negative thoughts, energy from your body, mind, soul, n put these unwanted energy in this water. Keep this glass beside you while sleeping. Next morning flush this water in drain. Do this practice for at least 21 days.
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    Your question was specific on Insomnia, so Sharat Sir first suggested to use CALM DOWN SERUM BRAIN SERUM and BALANCE SERUM.

    When a person is thinking more and more, he or she is not able to sleep, so this combination is suggested.

    If there is mental disturbance since long time on many issues, this needs healing for at least 3 to 6 months continuously without any thought on progress.

    Allow yourself to heal with patience.

    I am very happy to read your lines yesterday i.e. July 26.

    i want happiness in my life i want friends a husband money my health etc.i know vk has changed a lot of people lives.

    Read your post on July 16, all your lines talk about NOTHING WORKING.

    In just 10 days , You posted what you want also in a positive way.

    SO NOW KEEP saying all these wishes of yours to VK.

    Posting few links in next comment. Please do read that.
    It will help you.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

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    Would also like to know.....are you on any medicines for depression. If yes, this may give insomnia too. If you are on such medicines, please include ALL CLEAR SERUM in your healing.

    When you use ALL CLEAR SERUM, do not put any specific intention, just think that it should work in all areas wherever you need it.

  • ****Thank you for getting back to me. About the Hanuman Chalisa water I'm very confused as I never drink water it's always juice. It's my ex- mother in law who did witchcraft on me.i was surprised myself when I drank the water usually I can,t listen to any prayers or eat any prasad I will start manifesting going crazy etc.i can't even step in any temple I will pass out etc.wether there was a difference in the water or not but being able to drink it was a good sign. For years even doctors were not helping me but a few months back they started giving me sleeping tablets and depression tablets and did a few sessions of counselling.the insomnia is affecting me so bad now that I can't go to work anymore and financially things are getting worse. I want to get my confidence back I have lost my id when I got married at the age of 16.after my divorce I met another man who used me abused me verbally put me down he has done some horrible things to me even let me die with an ectopic pregnancy. He always called me ugly good for nothing etc. My past is very heavy traumas. I know God is watching over me and now with the help of Sharat sir and all of the teachers support I'm confident my life will change. I will take the advice from Sonia jee and yourself and can't wait to see the results in 3 to 6 months.thank you very much for all your help it I very much appreciated.

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    Since you are a very new VK user...lets do healing in steps

    Reading your posts....i could see your plain water intake is nil or very less. Our body is made up more than 70 pc water. So it needs to replinished with water regularly. Insufficient water intake affects brain and many other important functions of body including thinking reasoning happiness sleep patterns digestion kidneys and so on.

    So please increase your plain water intake . Atleast 2 to 3 litres per day. This will keep you fresh and active too if done regularly.
    Charge it with VK with suggested energies and keep sipping throughout the day. So you have double benefit

    Through the day keep talking to VK what you want.

    At night hold VK in your hand while on bed. Prepare yourself for a good sleep. Your focus should NOT be on your should be in NOW. Keep the intention for good deep sleep.
    Now say this to VK

    VK my friend
    And please give me a good and deep sleep NOW

    After this you can keep VK below your pillow and close your eyes.

    Only if you are still awake after sometime....repeat the process while lying on the bed. Sip the charged water also.

    This is a simple process to release all negative emotions to get peaceful sleep. Practise this daily without worrying about the results.

    The procedure guided in previous comments by @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher is a Reiki process to flush negativity when a person does not have VK. However with VK, the process to remove negativity is simple which i posted here by releasing 3 main negative parents emotions.....FEAR GRIEF APATHY. With VK when you do this simple dont need to put emotions in water and drain it or flush it.

    Just with direct request VK with its own wisdom will take away negative emotions from you and release it. Thats the beauty of VK. So now please do follow whatver is stated in this comment only.

    Regarding your you need not post again in forum ....just keep posting what you want. First concentrate on sleep.

    I have witnessed many VK healings, where,.... as mental healing occur ......people keep attracting what is best for them and even to their desire coming too. It needs surrender to VK.

    When you do the RELEASE exercise as stated be in the surrender mode.

    You can also say this.....

    VK Divine i now surrender to Divine wish .....and then you can start your request ....RELEASE FEAR..

    Its my personal experience too when i feel stuck ....i start like this I say to VK that i surrender and then i talk to VK or request healing.

    The more we surrender the better and faster the results. We are more in acceptance mode. And VK and Universe delivers the best for us.

    Do practise this everyday for next few weeks.

    You can say some positive statements during the day

    VK my friend lead me only to positivity. VK guide me towards a joyful life. VK bring more smiles to me. VK let me enjoy this blissful life.....

    3 to 6 months is the most probable time within which people have experienced changes , but the intention should be to be healed NOW FOREVER.
    Dont count the time....just be in acceptance mode.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.
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    This way of releasing negative emotions for good life and for good sleep is guided by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher for you.

    It is referred from Chapter 2 RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS of VK Manual written by Sharat Sir.

  • hello
    while i was having my hanuman chalisa water today i felt something wasnt right few minutes after cooking oil splattered in my eyes i could feel and hear the oil sizzling in my eyes my eye lids face arms was burnt.I couldnt see anything i started asking vk to heal me i went to A and E the doctor told me im very lucky i didnt lose my eye sights they checked my eyes 3 times its sore hurting but i can still see.
    Im in a lot of pain but glad my vk was with me to protect me.
    Incidents like this always happen to me but im confident now that things will start changing slowly slowly.i will update you on any change.
    Thank you Sharat Sir and Rakhi Madam.

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    Please charge any skin cream with energy of BEAUTY SERUM and SILVER NANOGEL(this is a product with silver particles and helps in soothing burns) with intention safety and security.... and apply on skin areas where there is pain or oil splash marks.

    If doctor has prescribed you any eye drops....charge them with EYE SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    You can take charged drinking water with EYE SERUM PAIN CARE SERUM BALANCE SERUM GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    While you lie down on the bed , close your eyes and keep VK on closed eye and touch VK gently while it is on yr closed eye. Now chant ALL CLEAR SERUM for few minutes. Like this you can do for both eyes

    Please request SHIELD OF 7 RAYS daily atleast 4 times a day. Whenever you sense any negativity....please immediately take SHIELD OF 7RAYS frequently.

    Sending healing to you.

    Please take care. GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • hi
    I just want to say a big thank you to Sharat Sir and all the team. Its only been a week and my face is healed completely not a mark. I have used my VK as instructed with the all-clear serum and wow no word for it, I'm so amazed.
    I have been drinking the Hanuman Chalisa water regularly sometimes it tastes like coconut water, fishy taste, soapy water its very funny taste each time. I also feel sick after having it and quite tired, dizzy and all negative thoughts come to my mind and I start hating myself I kind of go back into my past, feeling the rejection and loneliness etc.
    I have started taking the alpha woman serum and the love serum.
    One more thing I would like to make friends and hopefully someone in my life what serum should I use.
    I'm looking forward to a wonderful life ahead.
    Love you all keep the good job.

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    Happy to know you recovered very well and happy to read your happiness with ALL CLEAR SERUM. Yes though all Cosmic Serùms are WOW, the ALL CLEAR SERUM gives extraordinarily WOW results many times. Its favourite of many VK users.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for this WOW VK and WOW ALL CLEAR SERUM !!
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    Now regarding your experience with HANUMAN CHALISA. ....

    I would like to share one experience of a VK user , with whom i was working closely.

    One VK user was affected by negative spirits and most probably black magic.

    She was guided to take HANUMAN CHALISA water. She reported water to be bitter sometimes and sometimes sweet. Most of her things were stuck in her life before she got VK. We told her to take HANUMAN CHALISA water every 1 or 2 hrs. At late night i got a call that she has nausea vertigo.

    I told her to increase the dose of HC water stopping all other personal healings. It was also discussed with Sir. We anticipated that the negative energy within her is trying its best to throw away the power of HANUMAN CHALISA and VK.

    We told her that she has to wear VK continuously and take HC energy very frequently even if she vomits. Her determination will make her a winner if she sustains this phase. Next day also she had similar symptoms....but she continued with HC energy. After few days she settled and reported sweet water and no negative symptoms.

    We told her to continue HC atleast for a month and even later reducing the frequency depending on situation. After 3 to 4 weeks she settled completely but still continued taking HC energy

    After this she had many good changes in her life.
    She was working for a company who were at a big loss with big backlog of inventory. Now within a year with VK healing for self and her career she told us that she got the turnover for the company above 250 million.
    Personally in addition to this her own business also flourished. She got good opportunities for her talent and many more changes.

    That night was very crucial for her to win over negative energies. When i read your post on HC experiences...i felt you should take this HANUMAN CHALISA water every 20 to 30 min evn if its a small quantity /sip. Continue this for atleast few weeks without a second thought.
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    To make more friends....just request to VK

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for my new good friends NOW.

    Love serum is to attract love and improve relationships. It should not be given to self.
    It can be given to self only along with ONE SOUL SERUM when you want to improve any specific relationship.

    To attract a person in your life you can take a combination of BEAUTY SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM.

    You can even charge your personal hygiene products and cosmetics with these energies

    Soaps Shampoo conditioner Facewash Body scrubs Oils.....Beauty products...all can be charged.

    Keep the intention for a wonderful life partner who deserves you and whom you deserve to come into your life NOW FOREVER and send GOLDEN SUNRISE and LOVE SERUM to your this wish.

    Thank you for your thanks and Thanks for the love.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for lovely VK in our lives.
  • Thank you Rakhi Ji I will do as you instructed.Again a big thank you to you all lovely people who are devoting your time to help many of us out there.
    I will keep you posted on my improvements.

  • Hello Rakhi Madam
    I'm taking my Hanuman Chalisa water every day but the water is tasting really funny some days it tastes like I'm drinking chilli water and other funny taste but the weirdest thing happened on Tuesday night I kept spilling all the water every time I charged it but third time lucky while I was drinking it, all of a sudden this bad odour like human feces was coming out of my mouth nose and that stinking odour was suddenly covering the whole room which made me so sick.
    I still don't sleep but in the last few days I'm even very scared to put my head down I feel like I'm gonna die but I'm trying to resist those negative thoughts.

  • @zem


    There is light after every darkness. We just have to live through the darkness to see the light. If there are sad moments ...there are happy moments too for us.

    For every problem there is a solution....we only have to find the key. We are all blessed with life. You are blessed too.

    Please continue with HC drinking water.

    Please clarify what is spilling....did you mean spilling of HC charged water on the floors ?
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    Reading all your posts, @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor did an Energy Check of the place you stay using his psychic abilities. He has found that the place you stay is also affected by negative energies/spirits and black magic.
  • Hello Rakhi Ji
    Firstly i would like to thank Sharat Sir for the energy check.
    I moved to my house only a few months ago, I had some prayers done and at that time the spirits were manifesting a lot they will throw me here and there its like in a horror movie. After the prayers, I have not seen any spirits but can feel their presence. When my face goes very dark and my stomach swells up I know they will harm me
    I do a lot of prayers despite all, I fight the spirits, I resist them but not an easy task. I try my best to stay close to God which I think is protecting me somehow, but I do get scared from time to time. Those bad spirits follow me wherever I live and go.
    Sharat Sir is right I saw many spirits I know that I am possessed like I told you before, nothing works for me due to the negative energies the Blackmagic. There is a lot of things that I want to discuss but I don't find it appropriate on the forum. I have spent all my money to freed myself still no priests have succeeded in helping me. Finally, after so many years, God has heard my tears and prayers and I found Sharat Sir.
    Shall I carry on with the Hanuman Chalisa water?
    What will you recommend me to do?
    Golden Sunrise

  • @zem

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks for the update.

    Must read this article Negative Energies of People Things Past Events Memories & Spirits & Some Experiments

    You can continue drinking VK Charged HANUMAN CHALISA water as advised you in earlier posts ....very frequently. This will help you as you are also affected.

    You need not discuss more about your experiences in this open forum if you don't want to.

    Regarding energies in the place, please read about @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor 's 2nd invention VIBBES SEEDER, which a ONE STOP CUSTOMISED SOLUTION and helps to protect a place to which it is attuned in 34 wonderful ways.

  • Golden Sunrise

    I'm taking your advice on board and will let you know of any changes.
    thank you

  • hello rakhi madam
    I got my VS a few days ago and while I was opening the packet I saw this black silhouette in front of me which I have seen many times before. The next day one of my sons started arguing with me and today the other one did same. I'm still taking my Chalisa water and the water is very slimy and at night I still don't sleep despite taking the sleeping tablets.
    last night I was very angry I wanted to throw my vs away and these feelings do happen a lot with my Vk where I get so angry at myself and want to dispose of my Vk. I know its the negativity, I try to control myself a lot but sometimes that little voice in my ears drives me crazy where I just want to give up.
    My heart trusts Sharat Sir and all of you I know VK is for our own welfare but in my head, I am so confused.
    Financially it's getting hard I sometimes don't want to live too much problem in my life.
    I don't know why these feelings please rakhi Ji advise me.

  • @zem


    Yes, you have installed VIBBES SEEDER 2 days back. The black silhouette is negativity from the place and it got disturbed when VS came to your place.

    Thank you for the update. Please Allow VS to work on your place.

    Keep taking HANUMAN CHALISA water regularly and as frequently as possible.
    Along with HANUMAN CHALISA , in same water add energy of BACH FLOWER REMEDY GENTIAN. Have this combination now onwards.

    Just let this phase pass. Wear VK 24 X 7.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your will power and patience !!

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