Wearing multiple VK and giving multiple requests

I have 2 VKs and ever since I got my 2nd VK I have been wearing both my VKs in left hand next to each other and both touching each other.

Recently read in the forum that we should wear them in different hands or wear any ordinary bangle between the two VKs if we are wearing in the same hand. As guided now I have removed one n put in d other hand.

Still I would like know why we cant wear them together (without an ordinary bangle) in the same hand..

Second question

Can I request one VK for some serum (say I am requesting the VK on my left hand for FBS, Gym n Balance Serum) and simultaneously request the VK on my right hand for (TWS, Study Serum n Brain Serum)

Thank you


  • @Rajalakshmy


    I am answering for Q2.

    The answer to your second question is already there in the same post last line of point 1.

    Please check Post 3 of BASIC OF VIBBES KADA Point 1 last line

    Sir also says each VK is a separate Unit

    For the right hand VK......

    Also read Post no 18 in VK Basic Section ....Points to remember...Point no 9, .it mentions same request should have same healing, BRAIN SERUM is a health serum so it cannot be given along with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to same VK at same time.

    The Basics Post are interconnected, so they should be read together.

  • @Rajalakshmy

    Whenever you think of combining energies including Cosmic Serums, you can always read about them individually.

    The BRAIN SERUM article mentions in point 3 that it should not be given together with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM.

    There is no incompatibility between these serums, it only that energies will get divided, so it is recommended to give them separately.

    Hope you are reading the articles too. Sharat Sir has taken lot of efforts to write in detail in each of his article including all 30 COSMIC serums.

    There is a lot to explore in these articles.


  • So serums which belong to one category we can give simultaneously...
    eg FBS, GYM, GS to 1 VK and
    simultaneously Fem serum, Beauty Serum n AWS to another VK... correct?
  • @Rajalakshmy


    Answering your FIRST Question.

    WHY MULTIPLE VKs should not touch each other ?

    Lets take analogy of VK with a MAGNET.

    Each MAGNET has a NORTH Pole and a SOUTH Pole. When you Bring 2 Magnets TOUCHING each other....they align themselves in such a way with energies within them....that there is ONLY ONE North Pole and South Pole.

    The 2 Touching magnets do NOT form TWO North and TWO South Poles. They function as ONE UNIT ONLY.

    If you separate them....again EACH MAGNET create its own North Pole and a South Pole and is capable to attract metals individually.

    Similar case is with #VK....if after placing SAME request to BOTH VKs one by one, Each VK becomes A SEPARATE UNIT and creates DOUBLE energy X + X provided they DO NOT TOUCH each other.

    If you place 2 different requeat to 2 different VKs almost at same time ....and if they touch....energies may get divided . ....the way when we request to one VK....two unrelated requests.

    But if you give 2 Different requests to Each of the 2 VKs ....EACH will work to give FULL energy...to their respective requests when THEY DO NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER.

    When we Wear them TOGETHER in same hand and if they TOUCH again, it will work like a SINGLE UNIT.

    But if you wear in different hands or one in neck chain and other in hand or when you separate them with a NonVK bangle....EACH of them will operate or function as 2 different VKs.

    So Now what's your choice @Rajalakshmy....do you prefer to wear them together touching or you prefer them to be SEPARATE. ???

    Rather i suggest you can create more energy with BOOST method when you have MORE than ONE VK.

    Do read the article on litairian about INNOVATIVE method to BOOST healing with MULTIPLE Vks.
  • Thank you Rakhi. I am using BOOST method most of the time..Golden Sunrise
  • @Rajalakshmy

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for beautiful guidance and VK in our lives.

    Do share your VK experiences on this forum , especially on BOOST method. It will motivate many of us.

    The more we share happiness it increases.....

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