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3. What to do if you have MORE than one VK and want to use BOTH at the SAME time

  1. If you have MORE THAN ONE VK, give request to each VK While wearing they both may follow your intentions. So for specific requests to each VK, place a request to each of them separately. You can give the same request to more than one VK for the same issue, this will multiply the energy. You can also choose to give different requests to different VKs.
  2. If you have more than one VK, either wear them in different hands (if you wish to wear 2 VKs in the same hand), or wear a non-VK bangle between the 2 VKs if in the same hand. You can also wear one VK on your wrist and another one in a chain in the neck.
    (The smallest VK is only 3.3cm, I lovingly call it Chotu VK. This size can be worn conveniently in a chain in the neck or can be carried easily in a wallet.)

NOTE: Each VK is a separate unit, so you can either give the same request to each of them one at a time or give 2 different requests to each of them separately.


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    Please Remember: Every VK is an Individual Energy Tool.

  • This post is written and continued under guidance of @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor


    Here consider that EACH VK operates like MAGNET. VK will work with COSMIC energies as attuned by Sharat Sir, but they will follow the energy field like in a magnetic dipole to understand this concept.

    Each MAGNET has a NORTH Pole and a SOUTH Pole. When you Place or arrange 2 Magnets TOUCHING each other....they ALIGN themselves in such a way with energies within them....that there is ONLY ONE North Pole and ONLY ONE South Pole.

    The 2 Touching magnets do NOT form TWO North and TWO South Poles. They function as ONE UNIT ONLY.

    If you separate them....again EACH MAGNET create its own North Pole and a South Pole and is capable to attract metals individually.

    Similar case is with #VK....if after placing SAME request to BOTH VKs one by one, Each VK becomes A SEPARATE UNIT and creates DOUBLE energy X + X provided they DO NOT TOUCH each other.

    If you place 2 different requests to 2 different VKs almost at same time ....and if they TOUCH....energies may get DIVIDED . ....the way when we request to ONE VK....two unrelated requests.

    But if you give 2 Different requests to Each of the 2 VKs ....EACH will work to give FULL their respective requests when THEY DO NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER.

    When we Wear them TOGETHER in same hand and if they TOUCH, again it will work like a SINGLE UNIT.

    But if you wear in different hands or one in neck chain and other in hand or when you separate them with a NonVK bangle....EACH of them will operate or function as 2 DIFFERENT VKs.

    When you place a request to different VKs , keep a distance of around 2 cm or 1 inch approximately on the table or the surface on which they are kept.


    For details and examples of BOOST method, please read this article on the link.

    Suppose VK decides based on its wisdom to boost your healing by 2 times, being the best for you at that time.

    So energy created by 1st VK is said “X amount”
    By Second VK, the energy created would be double of X “2X” + “X” of 1st VK
    By Third VK, the energy created would be double of 3X that is “6X”
    By Fourth VK, the energy created would be double of “6X” ie “12 X”
    So the total energy would be much higher than using only one VK.

    So, when you want to speed up your healing or when the energy need is more, and you have multiple VKs, please use the BOOST method with same healing request.

    In 30 min, with 4 VKs, you will create approx 12 times the energy as compared to using a single VK.

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