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Calming effect of CDS during Flight...Mimicking PINK LOVING WOMB for INFANT

edited June 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Recently I was flying back home from a Holiday and our flight was delayed. We were in the aircraft for over an hour before it got clearance from the airport. It was quite suffocating inside the aircraft. Soon the kids travelling in that flight began to cry and became restless. I could hear an infant cry . . . so I sent CDS, Love Serum, and Baby Care Serum. Then created a womb with Pink Loving Energy and placed the infant in it with the intention of making it feel safe and secure just as it feels inside the womb. Within a few minutes the infant stopped crying. In fact the infant did not cry in the entire 9 hours journey. Wow.
There were two other kids probably below five years of age. I sent them Baby Care serum, Love Serum, Calm Down Serum, and Bravo Serum. They were quiet and slept peacefully . . . not a sound from them either. Though I could not see them I kept sending Love Serum whenever I remembered during the flight. Thank you Sharat Sir for giving us VK.


  • @carla ji


    WOW way of using VK. I loved the Pink Womb energy of protection to the infant.

    You are amazing combination of Compassion and Creativity.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and keeping all of us motivated here.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and experiences and even the willingness to share your happiness with experiences

    :beautiful :thankyou
  • Thank You for your Thank You Rakhiji <3 :)

  • Dear @Carla, this pink loving womb- idea is superb and too much creative. :)

    Although, me too is very fond of sending energies secretly, especially to children who are restless or maybe in some kind of distress, but yours is a great idea. My applauds to you.

    Nevertheless, it reminds me of my niece, when she was a little doll. She used to keep awake in the nights and did not let anybody else sleep too. In the cold nights, when everyone would be exhausted pampering her, they would give her on my lap and retire. I would sing some lullaby in vain and then I would try my secret weapon - VK, holding her in my arms. Then within 3-5 mins she would be fast asleep and I would be the hero of the situation by VK's blessings.

    Anyways, its a wonderful experience shared. Thank you.

  • @carla Creativity boosted with your post.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Thank you Sanjayji and Anitji

  • Hi Carla hi
    Thanks for this wonderful idea .
    I have recently started leaving my 1 year old baby in nursery which she didn't liked and kept crying at the time of me dropping her there and one day while going through forum I seen this post and I thought it's a sign from VK to use this.
    From last 2 weeks as soon as I start from home I request VK to create a womb with Pink loving energy and place ***** in it for whole day with intention of safety and security.
    My baby is absolutely fine and eating and drinking fine and playful throughout the day in nursery and nursery staff and I am amazed with the results.
    Once again thanks for sharing and thanks to Sharat sir for bringing VK in our lives
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