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VK SUCCESS... VK saved me from Fistula Surgery.

I am sharing my VK Healing experience with Immense Gratitudes and love to Sharat Sir for VK and its healing capabilities.

I was having some indigestion and acidity issue
For which combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE, DIGEE SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM, BALANCE SERUM healed me with relief.

:smile: In june 2018 some abnormal skin tissue generated at my anal rectum, this later causing me trouble in long sitting and driving.
I started VOB of the affected area and in a day the skin disappeared, but 3,4 days later it regenerated and same is happening for two three weaks.

Later on i visited a doctor who confirm this a type of fistula and advice surgery is the only solution.
I asked guidance for this issue from @SharatSir and being guided to do PSYCHIC SURGERY (PS) for the affected area. Sir told me to avoid spicy and junk foods.

I had also noticed that the skin reoccurs more quickly when i do exercise and jym, so i quit that too.
Now i started PS with my VK twice a day, along with Digee Serum combination.
The skin was regenerating again and again so Sir guided me to do PS with AllClearSerum.
2 months later i noticed the much healing was done, the skin regenerted in 15 days and later on once in a month.

:innocent: Now since November 2018 it is completely healed and I am doing gym exercise whole december untill now regularly, even sometime i ate junk and spicy food also.
Divine VK healed me completely without Surgery and I stopped PS but I am still taking the Cosmic Serum combination with VK regularly.
:heart: :heart: Milion of thanks to @SharatSir and Divine VK.

Sharing few words with Heartful thanks " There are situations and happening in life but VK is always with me to heal. Life is full of Divine blessings with VK and Golden Sunrise, God always holding me with Love and I am holding him back with VK in my hand with my Faith and Patience. I am infinite with the Infinite VK."
Milions of Gratitudes @SharatSir :innocent:


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