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Vk made things simpler from Back pain to understanding mind healing...My VK success

edited December 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

So here I was in a dilemma about trying to understand how does the body heal itself and cure for the back pain which I had almost for 4 months now for reasons not clear.
I tried many things and doctors with the over counter drugs and all. Somehow it was not helping me out. Tired off all I had a chat with my Bestie VK and asked him to give me a way as I was tired of the complex blood tests showing some numbers and doctors pointing to things which made me more tensed and no result matching.
Frankly it was like stupid astrology which we see everywhere and all astrologers claiming theirs is right.

Pun intended : Sometimes I think Doctors and astrologers are hand in gloves to fool customer by giving complex results and confuse people :astonished:

So this is how it went I started praying VK with all the medicines without any side affect so stiffness and muscles paining should stop and blessed the glass of water, Food and Milk and said with Faith to heal me.

Voila it happened and in 27 days I am completely healed and the doctors are shocked with the results.All i Did was that through VK i started connecting to my higher self and yes I reached a state of mind where there was a feeling of all things good happening with me and slow by slow it improved a lot.

I used EFT, Pain care serum and kept on giving Bravo serum to my back and body and it worked like a magic wand.

Next story of achieving financial goals coming soon :)


  • Wow .. Great
    EFT healing has always added great combination with serums, result oriented.
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for making our life so simple with vk.
  • @Shrinath

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I do not know about astrology. But about medical science i can tell you the medicines are discovered with scientific concepts which are technology driven. The body is seen as a structure. So doctors have limitations in treating. Being from medicine background i would say not all doctors confuse...some may do so for their own reasons.

    The pain in body when relates to mind medical science takes a back seat and doctors follow their professional protocol.

    Here VK is a saviour as it heals at multiple level. It is also scientific relating to Cosmic energies which causes an energy change in humans. Gratitude to Sharat Sir.

    Appreciate your patience in healing. Thank you for sharing clearly with great details always. Keep sharing as it inspires many.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
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