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Freedom from Tantric with VK

Golden Sunrise Master Sharat
Gratitude for VK in my life. I share this to all beautiful souls here. My wife was in big mess in life for 20 years. She took psychiatric treatment for 20 yrs. She felt lot of anger and evening it would be worst. Master Sharat directed me to Rakhi. I shared prescription of my wife with Rakhi. From prescription she said its Brain disorder. She guided Brain serum Calm down serum for her violent nature. Sometimes it was good but evenings were still worst and unmanageble. So i discussed detail with Rakhi. In discussions i mentioned my wife screams with fear that someone is killing here. In violence my wife comes to me and touches my VK. she feels good with touching VK. Last few years a person from India used to do something on her and calm her. But when effect faded again my wife got violent. I paid lots of money to this person to calm my wife. Rakhi asked for picture of my wife. Rakhi felt that my wife was under black magic. She told me that person whom i paid money must be a Tantric. She consulted Master Sharat. Master Sharat guided my wife was in severe form of black magic since her childhood days and needed lots of energy and continued healing. Rakhi guided to place intention to my VK that VK should come to my wife. And my wife got her VK. My wife does not use VK with any healing just wears it. In few weeks i observed tremedous change in her. I personally did not do any request to VK for my wife just that VK should do good to her. In between i send Calm down serum to her if she gets hyper. Can say that there is atleast 60 to 70 pc change in her behaviour and attitude in few wks of wearing VK. Wearing VK by me and my wife has got so much peace in my family. We feel more connected to each other. Thank you Thank you Thank you Master Sharat for VK.Thank you Rakhi for guiding and helping me in my difficult time.


  • Thanks @Remo for sharing your wonderful success story. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead....

  • @Remo

    Thank you for sharing it beautifully.
    I really appreciate that you followed all the guidance shared to you. And your determination to change your family life to good is inspiring.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts. Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK in our lives.

  • Thank you Master @SharatSir . GOLDEN SUNRISE
    Thank you again @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
  • @Remo
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Sometimes I do feel Negative energy, but as I always wear VK that nullify all types of negative energies. It's a practice now to take Shield of Seven Rays daily before going out of Home also sending the same to my Family.

    My gratitude to @SharatSir for inventing the precious gift VK.
    Thank you VK for always guide me.
    Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Ji always supporting us.

  • Tq tq tq sharing love success. Love pink healing energy from cotton white clouds surround both of you follow you all the place you going to and fro. Angels guide both of you. Calm serum bravo serum
  • Oh wow amazing !!
  • Thanks for sharing... Its nice to know that you are such a caring hubby... Loads of white light to both of you!
  • Golden Sunrise my niece is pregnant and her baby diagnosed that foetus is not developing with the proper shape of lips how to request VK to bless her with a normal and healthy baby
  • Wow. Thanks for sharing. Golden Sunrise to you and your family.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Golden Sunrise to you & your family.
  • @9829403531

    Do vob of womb

    Please read this link for complete pregnancy care with VK
  • @9829403531
    You can also request VK in your simple words for perfect shape of child
  • Amazing .Golden Sunrise to ur wife's health.
  • VK is awesome. I have had tremendous results on different people and different situations. Thank you so much Sharat sir and Rakhi ma'am. God Bless.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Golden sunrise.
    Miracle experience with VK
    Thank you VK and Sharat Sir
  • @vchaudhry

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for your thanks and blessings. Please do share your VK experiences on forum on a separate new post. It will inspire many.
  • What a miracle! VK is indeed a boon????????
  • Golden Sunrise. Nice to know wonders of Divine VK. Your Faith and Patience has given you fruit
  • Thank you for sharing your experience with VK. Really amazing. Golden Sunrise.
  • Yet another great experience! Thanks for sharing
  • Great to know wonders happening with VK having faith that soon I would be also posting my success story in the Forum . Thank you Sharat Sir for inventing VK .
  • Amazing testimony! many thanks for sharing!
  • Truly happy to know your wife is on her road to recovery. Three cheers to VK. Gratitude to sharat sir for VK.
  • Golden sunrise to all divine souls.Thank you for lovely wishes for my family.May VK bring love to all families. Gratitude Master @SharatSir
  • Thank you @SharatSir :3 and thanks to VK even that now, I feel a lot of harmony within myself. Before, I used to feel angry and depressed for small reasons and my behaviour was very violent towards my mother and others around me not physically but I would react and say things I did not mean or would regret later. With Calm Down Serum, I feel more calm and relaxed within minutes. I personally feel, It is important to pay attention to our breathing while activating this serum as you can feel all the anger and tension melting away and is replaced with a more calmer approach to the problem/situation. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to VK. I have been wearing VK for around 2 years now and feel the beautiful effects of VK everytime I activate a serum. My heart felt gratitude to Litairian Team and VK Team and @SharatSir. _/\_
  • Inspiring story of VK. Getting rid of such a thing is itself inspirable.
  • Great, thank you Sharat Sir..Indeed magical experience of wearing VK

  • @Fluro very nice experience.Thanks.
    @Naina @hitendrak Divine thanks
  • Nice experience.
    Golden Sunrise to your life and experiences
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