Controlling our emotions


I had a controversy with my HM day before yesterday, She is making the issue bigger.

I am requesting love serum...for her from yesterday....she is not leaving the matter....

How to controll her...?

How to control my negative aggressive emotions towards her...?

Sometimes ,i think for myself why am i reacting like this...instead of being calm,but on the other side of thoughts say why should i tolerate injustice..?

In which way should i be calm or fight for justice.....

If i give love serum..the relationship between us will become positive with the help of VK.
But she will not be punished for her faults...

I dont have enough support to fight with should i leave this problem to Divine..?

I hope you all understand the problem which i am facing now..

At present i wrote my name and her name in circle and requested VK for

please guide me regarding this...because she will not leave me easily......i want a solution for permanent and quick relief....

Thank you


  • @Madhursr

    No one can judge others ....neither we can decide who should be punished for what faults and in what way

    VK never works to control works for best of energy receivers. Some may learn lessons later or now in life. Some may forgive and free themselves. Some may just ease out the situation and move on

    I understand your aggression. I am not suggesting that you should not put your views can for your own reputation or place or for self respect or your truthfulness.
    Positive relation can be peaceful also. Dont you want peace for yourself.

    You can also request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE get me justice

    In addition to your can give BACH FLOWER REMEDY RESCUE or ALL CLEAR SERUM to all unwanted events between both of you.

    Also you can take BACH FLOWER REMEDY HOLLY and BALANCE SERUM for yourself.

    Sending GOLDEN SUNRISE to thoughts of people also works good ...
  • Thank you so much madam for your quick response.....

    VK works for the best of VK users.....i agree with this madam

    I get thoughts,or i am able to predict the things which is going to happen before...

    My thoughts are guiding me always or i can say VK is warning me about the situations in form of thoughts and dreams.....but i am unable to catch them promptly........

    I will follow your suggestions...thank you so much.
  • @Madhursr


    If you mean you get intuitions.....then you can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to channelise my intuitions into actions...

    Thank you

    Situations are getting smoother in my working place(school) HM returned the papers with which she was threatening me.
    Daily i am sending love serum to my HM,my collegues....i am taking HOLLY,BALANCE SERUM as suggested by you.

    Madam in the reply given by you i realised about peace for myself and punishment of others.i observed images or posts in facebook also about peace,calmness,forgiveness.after reading your reply..i felt like VK is helping me to come out of this bad situation, consoling me as a friend .

    Your suggestion.VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please help me to channalise my intuitions into actions ..also helped me.

    I want to change my thinking pattern , i want to be positive always, i need peace,i want to develop spiritually......

    But the influence of situations, people around force me to become aggressive, or disturb my mind.i want to avoid this situations and persons permanently without hurting them For example, after the issue with my HM, my collegues talk to me about my HM negatively, sometimes i have to talk about my HM negatively are make comments.i dont want to talk like this.

    Madam please help me in framing a sentence,
    "VK please help to be calm in all situations, to be in peace and harmony and not disturbed by others influence."

    please give me a suggestion , which i can chant always.

    Thank you so much.

  • @Madhursr

    SHIELD OF 7 RAYS is best whenever you have this situation take SHIELD either they will stop the topic or you will be unaffected by gossips....

    In VK requests NO NEGATIVE WORDS pl ...NOT DISTURBED is negative
  • Whenever i ask a question or seek help from this forum..
    The replies i get me a great relief and strength.

    Thank you VK
    Thank you VS
    Thank you Sharath Sir
    Thank you Rakhi madam
    Thank you all Teachers of VK forum

    Thank you so much

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