VK a MAGICAL TOOL, Travel and stage performance

During the Puja Holidays I went to Dubai to visit my sister. Naturally Dubai means Shopping. The day before my return flight I began packing. I had done so much shopping I was afraid my luggage would exceed the limit. I had bought a lot of toys for my grandchildren but couldn't fit it into my suitcase. So my sister gave me an extra shopping bag to put in all the soft toys. Now the problem was I will have an extra hand luggage. Not allowed :( :( . So I sat down with VK in my hand closed my eyes and visualised the following . . . I had in my hand the Invisibility Cloak similar to that of Harry Potter - I made four copies of it with VK and covered my four pieces of luggage with the Invisibility Cloak. At the airport I coolly and confidently had my suitcase weighed. I nearly jumped for joy because it weighed 26kg - within the allowed limit of 30kg. While queuing up for boarding I was a little tense as I had three hand luggage and a passenger before me was being questioned for bringing a large bag. But when it was my turn she simply waved me in without noticing I had an extra bag. Wow VK Wow :) what magic. :) It was as though my hand luggage was not at all visible to her. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sharat Sir for the gift of VK.


  • @carla ji

    GOLDEN SUNRISE....Wow. ....what a way to use the Harry Potter Cloak mimicking with VK.

    This is your favourite one....

    Thanks for sharing this.
  • Thank you Rakhiji. Another favourite of mine is the Pot of Love Serum. Whenever it is my turn to do the morning assembly I install it all over the assembly hall and a large one over the Principal. Love serum drips drop by drop and fills the person with divine love. Last week I installed it over the door of my classroom. Two of the School inspectors we going to come to my class to evaluate my teaching methods. So With VK I intended that as soon as they entered through the door the pots of Love Serum would go along with them wherever they went. I also Installed huge paintings of Golden Sunrise on all the walls of the classroom. Guess what :) I sailed through the lesson without any hassle. Thank you Sharat Sir. Thank you VK.

  • @carla ji

    Simply Wow way of creatively using VK with LOVE SERUM . Loved it
    Thanks for sharing...

    Keep sharing your wonderful experiences and ways....to motivate all of us.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and never ending possibilities with VK !!!
  • Wow thats wonderful a new thing to try :o
    Thankyou for Sharing beautiful VK experience.
  • GS Carla & VK Teachers,

    Is it like a Reiki distance healing?
    In Reiki we make Chi Balls and can program them to channel the Reiki to the events with intent. Is it the same way or different method? Can you elaborate on this method?


  • @Chetandurdi

    With VK its simple.....just put an intention to VK to install Pots of LOVE SERUM...

    You can run your imagination wild....by imagining pink pots of LOVE SERUM overflowing with energies....

  • Wow.This is so creative.
  • Thank you for sharing . I am currently Workington school kids who are having problems concentrating and learning and bad attitude. Cant wait to start using it

  • What an idea!!!I am going to try this for my students
  • Golden Sunrise

    Wow this is awesome post

    Carla Mam u r great at useing VK mimicking ability

    Thank You for posting

    The Harry Potter world is full of magic tools I have got many ideas due to this post

    Felix flices is a luck potion in Harry Potter will try to mimick that

    Also ur Pot of love Serum idea is also good

    When children in ur class makes too much noise u can make pots of calm down serum
    U can make study serum pots
    The list is endless

    Thank You VK for these many possibilities

    Thank You SHARAT Sir for giveing this tool to mankind

    Thank You team Litrarian for tireless efforts

    Thank You

    Golden Sunrise
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