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No interest in doing anything

Today, one of my distant relative (Aunt) had called me and she was telling me how her daughter got a fracture in her 7th grade and since then and up until today her daughter has physically become more of an handicapped person + mentally she cannot grasp and understand anything. Her daughter has lost interest in doing anything in life whereas she was a bright child in her teen years. My aunt is also in a very bad financial situation so she can't even afford a VK at this stage. So please tell me what healing i can send her on a daily basis. And what remedy can I tell my aunt to do.


  • @KomalKhariwal
    You can give that girl

    also give BRAVO SERUM and MOOD UP SERUM to her separately if needed.

    For your Second question Finance for Mother
    Please reply Which is Serum for Wealth??
  • Thank you.
    For wealth, it's Total Wealth Serum.
    And I have a question, I've never really understood bachflower remedy despite reading it. So the one that you are advising Bachflower rescue remedy, i need to say this 3 times to VK and that's it right?
  • @KomalKhariwal
    yes VK can mimic Bachflower remedies with simple request 3 times same as serums and other energy.
    Bachflower Rescue remedy is for past hurts, panic situation stress and many more.

    :smile: You can read more about bachflowers on our website.

    @KomalKhariwal ji please do share your experiences with us.
  • Yes I will. Thank you once again. Just have a last question in my mind. Can I make a EC of PAIN CARE SERUM, BACHFLOWER RESCUE REMEDY, GOLDEN SUNRISE, BALANCE SERUM and at the bottom of the circle, I'll write my aunt's daughters name. Will this method still work?
  • @KomalKhariwal ji
    Serums do not work when written inside an Energy Circle.
    You can send her by writing her name simply on a paper(without Circle) and request VK with the energies and keep VK over it for next 30 minutes.
    :star: Kindly please read VK BASICS section for any procedural question about VK.
  • Golden sunrise
    From the beginning when I got vk
    I drawn energy circle and inside the energy circle I mentioned what goal I want and I used to send divine energy, serum to energy circle...

    Today I read that serum don't work in energy circle...

    Now what should I do....???????????????????????????????????????????✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨????????????????
    I'm ahila
    I have an ancestral property.
    I want to sell that property.
    But my husband's brother is not leaving that to happen.
    The property contains four share. Some how my husband's brother accepted to sell it. It can be sold together only. Now I want buyer who should give worthful price for it...
    I want my property to get sold fast.
    That can only keep my financial situation in good level.


    For this issue
    I mentioned property's address in energy circle and with an affirmation that it is selling soon.

    Sharat sir told me to give All Clear Serum and Golden Sunrise for this issue
    I was giving those energy in energy circle....

    Now what shall I do??

    Golden sunrise....
  • @Ahila ji,
    Please read it again you missed it.
    :star: Serums do not work in an EC it means u should not write Serum name in an EC as we write Switchword,mantra,bachflowers,goldensunrise.

    :star: You can Charge any EC with serums related to the wish or healing.

    For your issues please follow as per guidance by @SharatSir.
  • Puneet ji,
    Like you had advised, i have been giving my aunt's daughter these energies GOLDEN SUNRISE, BALANCE SERUM, PAIN CARE SERUM AND BACHFLOWER RESCUE REMEDY for 3 continuous months. I called my aunt two days ago to check on her status. She says her daughter sees/feels no changes.
    What do I do?
  • @KomalKhariwal

    Your answer is in Basics of VK post 13 on this forum.
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