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Surrender to the Divine VK....Online Marketing

We are easily carried away by others but we find it difficult to surrender to the divine.
Two months ago, my son, 20 years old, a vk user wanted to sell mirror products on Amazon, as been guided by some reseller. I was reluctant because I knew that it is risky. But he was like" many people are doing and nothing has happened to them so far." Even Sharat Sir adviced that VK will not support in this.I simply prayed to VK to protect him.Eventually, he got his gst number, created his ID and put the product for sale. In his first attempt, someone complained about him and his ID got blocked and he was not able to sell his products on amazon anymore.Out of his childish attitude, he said "VK did not help me." He did not give up and tried to start on Flipkart but failed as he doesn't have his voter id.
But today, my son told me that many sellers on amazon, flipkart and snapdeal have incurred huge loss and have landed up in trouble due to police raids. I thank VK for protecting my son.VK does the best for us. Simply surrender without any second thought.My son has understood what VK has done for him.
Very blessed are the souls who are connected to Sharat Sir.


  • DIVINE VK always works for our highest good...
    Gratitudes to Sharat sir and his ultimate invention DIVINE VK
  • @Rajeshwari_Sethi


    Nice experience. Well expressed.

    Thank you for sharing.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your son's career.


    Thank you for sharing your experience @Rajeshwari_Sethi

    I would like to get a few of my doubts clarified.

    I am very confused about the context in which Sharat sir had said that VK will not support the venture. It would be really helpful if you can share further information about it.

    Dear teachers @Litairian, Please help me understand whether Serums and other modalities such a mimicking can be used in this type of a scenario. I am actually taking help of VK to improve a product sales on amazon using Golden sunrise, All clear serum, Total wealth serum, Mood up serum, Shield of 7 rays.

    Thank You!!

  • @Sajiv


    It means VK supports whats best for its user and its energy receiver.

    VK supports online business too....if its genuine and good for the VK user or VK energy receiver.

    VK has wisdom to decide whats best....

    There are other VK users too....using VK for sales on amazon and are successful.

    The post above talks about some specific products from a specific dealer which was risky and not desirable.. Its mentioned in Rajeshwari's post

    Thank You @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    I did not see that the context I was referring to was already there in the post. Thank You!!

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