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Rescue Remedy & EFT has rescued life of 2 beautiful souls

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
One fine day, a lady contacted me with issue of 2 kids, siblings studying in 6th and 4th standard not going to school from the last 5months. As these kids have lost both of their parents in an accident, staying with grandparents. When this case came, I was already working with Sharat Sir on Child Psychology and I was sure the universe has some purpose. I immediately said yes to them. I started giving directly Rescue Remedy to both kids. As kids were quite receptive at that time to drink charged water.

Made 2 EC separately for each one, with switch words, affirmation, crystals name. Within a week, there was a change in their behavior got to agree to drink charged water, I charged their water with Rescue Remedy only. Gave one session of EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) to both kids. Now they are going to school regularly.

Yesterday They called and asked me what magic you did, We did everything, even been to astrologer too. But none could do anything for them. I know this magic of VK. All Thanks to Sharat Sir for Divine Inventions.


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