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It's Pitru Paksha (the lunar fortnight to pray and offer to Pitrs/ancestors) beginning tomorrow 24Sep to 8th Oct 2018.

As VK is attuned with COSMIC energies that can travel through the Universe and beyond, VK can HELP to offer to ancestors.

You can either directly send energies of GANGAJAL and TULSI or any other offering that you wish to just with a simple request to VK.

You can also send GOLDEN SUNRISE and PEACE to your ancestors for their peaceful journey with a simple request to VK in your own words. Check Example 35

You can also charge above stated energies to water and food and offer as per religious ritual that you want to follow. How to charge water....check these examples.

With direct request, you can follow this if you wish

Fold your hands in praying position. Hold VK between both palms and say

"O Divine VK please send energy of GANGAJAL & TULSI LEAVES to my ancestors"

Say this 3 times.

If you feel you can either keep VK aside for 30 min or hold VK in praying position for 30 mins.

After 30 min, Express gratitude to your ancestors for all the blessings they have showered through their journey with you. Express gratitude to VK.

Then you can use VK for any next request.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and this learning that we can pray and offer to our ancestors with VK

Do share your experiences on VK Tips and inspire all of us.

For VK procedures, please check the learning posts on BASICS OF VIBBES KADA


  • Thanks Rakhi maam for this wonderful tip and Sharat Sir for giving each one of us the opportunity to pay our tribute to our ancestors because of whom we are today who we are...
  • Thank you Rakhi je for This Post
    thank you thank you thank you very much

  • Golden sunrise

    Can I send my prayers like this....clubbing both....

    Divine vk pls send golden sunrise*3 peace*3 energy of gangajal*3 energy of Tulsi leaves*3 to my brother now and forever....
  • @Dolly

    Yes. Now forever is in intention
  • Ok thank u mam....
  • Thanks alot. I think, I should do this daily, irrespective to PITR PAHSH.

  • @mukeshmg

    Nice thought .

    I learnt somewhere that if our ancestors are spiritually weak, they are easily attacked by negative energies from other negative worlds. Can I protect them using SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS?
    thanks in advance
  • Dear @Gayathri,

    Golden Sunrise, Kindly enlighten us, where from did you learn that we can access that our ancestors could be spiritually weak ? This could be a new learning from me too.

    I have always opined that there are various "material and spiritual" aspects, relating us and others around us, which we may try to cleanse, amend, enhance and even alter. There are other aspects of the universe which are governed by the divine Himself or energies - positive or negative, but levels above our caliber. The protocol is - "Let's do our job and let there be a change, amendment or conversion, if the energies wishes so. Trespassing is not allowed and if done there could be repercussion.

    For example, Like Nature has generously given us everything to live peacefully. But we, due to our selfish motives and lack of knowledge, fell trees, pollute water and environment, hence as a result, we get droughts, famines, epidemics, floods and natural disasters. Same is the case with higher levels of universal processes, it goes as destined, but because of our inquisitiveness, extreme attachments, extra-concern or over-confidence, we knowingly or unknowingly meddle into the preset pathway, resulting repercussions again. Now, we initiate a reaction, but mostly turn out as incapable to control the aftermath. This is bad and should be avoided.

    Please note, as a soul departed is a universal process, which is beyond our control, knowledge of its status (whether it was spiritually weak) could be miles above our capability. Please see it this way. Take a dropper full of water and pour a drop in a bucket full of water. Can you search the drop now?? Likewise, soul departed is a form of energy which merges in a bigger energy. Once merged, it becomes part of it. That is why I inquired in the beginning about the process to know the process to ascertain a particular soul and its level of spirituality.

    Soothing a departed soul is possible only by your own "Bhava" (Emotion)....Offer it and they will be more than satisfied. You may give them SO7R, if you wish anyways.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir
    Thank you so much for your explanation sir.
    By the word spiritually weak, I mean that when they are alive, if they possess negative qualities like always speaking lies, abusing others, cheating others, cruel behaviour and many more things.. when they die, they suddenly cannot merge into divine light, they have to suffer in other spiritual realms. They will have less spiritual power. It is mentioned in GARUDA PURANA that such souls will not have power to move forward in afterlife and they need the help of their descendants who are alive to perform rituals for their journey. If we can't help them, knowingly or unknowingly they will attack us by creating financial problems, marital conflicts, health issues, etc. And I have read in some spiritual magazine that such souls may get attacked by other negative energies.

    It is mentioned in GARUDA PURANA that each and every soul, how much ever bad they are when alive, will understand all their mistakes and repent after death but they will suffer due to their karmas.

    In order to protect our departed ancestors from other negative energies and to help them move forward in their afterlife journey, I thought we can send them
    SHRI GURUDEV DATTA (Mantra for ancestors)
  • Dear @Gayathri,

    Thanks for explaining your point of view so honestly. But I still stand by my opinion. Let me tell you why.

    I asked you not to indulge into the detailed complexities of Universal laws and offer your obeisances with your pure emotions (Bhava). That is the most innocent and acceptable way of passing energy.

    Now, let get into your dilemma with you. You have read something in a spiritual magazine and started thinking verdicts given in Garuda Purana. First of all, this is not spirituality. This is called being Orthodox. Spirituality is far above it. Please pardon me, as I do not intend to hurt your feelings, but if I think as per you, Garuda Purana has pronounced severe punishments to various sinners. However, it has also considered accomplice of a sinner as a sinner too. Now, if you yourself know that the departed soul had negative qualities (like you mentioned), then if you try to give them a blanket, then you should be considered as an accomplice to the sinner and you share the wrath of GP yourself in future/afterlife.....No?? I know, it is very difficult to stand witness against a near & dear, even if he/she has committed a heinous crime. But this is the court of the Divine and No one could be spared.

    Moreover, with you intending to shield someone whom you know have had negative karma to their credit, take it for sure VK won't work, as it does not support negative How are you going to help then?

    Dear Gayathri, please be known of the fact, that a soul has its own journey - alone. It has to come alone and go alone. Nothing and No-one be its companion except his own subtle self. Therefore, I would once again recommend to follow what Rakhi ji has guided. With all your good emotions, pray for the best, without going into details. Trust, it will be accepted well in HIS abode.

  • Thank you so much @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir
    I understood your explanation sir.
    I'll pray for my ancestors' highest good.
    GOD knows everything and HE will take care of HIS souls.
  • This is so magic.this is called telepathy! today in morning i was speaking to vk how to call my deceased dadi n talk to her.i kiss her n i want her to b happy and joyous! and thats what rakhi mam posted this ancestor post.@rakhi mam; now i am damn sure we do share a vk bond with each other ????
  • @rakhi mam why do we use word forever here? We dont know if she has taken a new birth somehwere?
  • @Pooja1987

    The birth and re-birth may occur in different living form ie the body

    Here the homage is offered to departed souls. The soul connection is still there....!!

    Choice is ours whether we connect forever or not.
    @Dolly chose it for FOREVER
  • Gratitude @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sirji Each and every word used from divine knowledge and Significantly.
    Love you Sir :heart:
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    Thank you so much for simple explanation and guidance. Every post is enlightening. I fall short of words to express while i read your posts. Gratitude to @SharatSir for connecting all of us here to learn more

  • @Gayathri


    I would like to add what we learnt from @SharatSir

    He says to dwell in the PRESENT Moment. When we think too much about past events or try to dig past life events or get into departed souls journey....we actually decline our own vibrations. We also miss enjoying the present moment. We also miss manifesting for our future.

    Now i present here two lines. Read them separately and check which RAISES your VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OR GIVES YOU MORE JOY....

    1st type : I want to strengthen spiritual weakness of my ancestors. I want to protect my ancestors from negative energy world. I want to protect myself from sins done my upper lineage.

    2nd type : I want a joyful healthy life for myself and my family. I want my children to excel in whatever they do. I want to help my parents with good health and happiness. I want to contribute to a clean society. i want to spread peace and love to the world.

    What do you prefer....the 1st type or the second type?

    Being VK users we know VK gives us lot of opportunities to add good karma.. There are lot of opportunities to CREATE rather than DIGGING. Choice is ours to focus on what RAISES our frequency and makes us a better human being or lower our frequency to go to PAST where we do not have an access and does not suit us.

    WE can choose to offer respect and love to ancestors, give gratitude and seek blessings and move ahead with own journey.

    Must read this article by Sharat Sir

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam
    Thank you for your explanation mam
    2nd line gives me more joy
    I'll follow your guidance and pay my gratitude towards my ancestors and will move ahead.
    I Want to raise my frequency mam.
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