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VK- Let the magic begin!.....I can write a book of magical experiences

edited November 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

I now totally believe in the headline of this post. And I now think everything is possible with VK, all we need is just little patience and persistence. If we can learn to master these two then I think the world is full of possibilities.

Let me share some magical experiences with you all.

How I met VK?

It was in the March-2018 – I was going through a phase, a phase where I wanted to change my life for good and I came across many modalities -right from switch words, subliminal re-programming, hypnosis, etc.

For learning about modalities every day, I use to Google and learn something or the other.I knew about switch words and I was looking for more powerful combination.

Interestingly in the search result was For many days I didn't even click on the link, then one day I clicked on it and told myself, let's check this out what is this site? Why everyday it is appearing in my search result?

I checked our website and read about GOLDEN SUNRISE. I started chanting it.

Wow! This is amazing! as I read about VK and the serums and everything on the website.

I checked the forum too and for a month I was still in doubt, should I go for VK or not. Will this work or not?

So now it's May-2018 and somewhere at the end of the month I first saw and touched VK, it's amazing.

The first time, first energy I gave to my self was GOLDEN SUNRISE and trust me I was in a trance like mode. Wow! What is this happening! Is this even for real!

What changed?

At work, the much deserving promotion came to me and I was promoted to a Manager level just by chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE.

I was looking at improving my finances and VK has helped there as well as I got ideas of saving money and improve my debt situation.

It works amazing on my two lovely pet cats, when they are not well I just request VK in my own words and they are back to Perfect health.

When I see a traffic situation, I request VK and the traffic opens, or I get an opportunity to move faster in the traffic.

This one works every day, just before reaching office parking I request 3-4 time to VK to please find me a perfect parking spot now and I always get a parking spot either there is a spot left, or I have just had to move few vehicles to make space.

Recently, my team was struggling to get the raw material to create the assets for one of the projects, we ended up wasting so much time in searching for them, but still no assets. Pressure from Client side is mounting, what to do!

Just then I took my VK in my hands and started requesting, in 15-20 mins we got a link from where we could get some raw material to start with the project, still needed more.

Again, I requested VK and we got a link which not only had the raw material for our project but for other projects to come.
In my requests I kept requesting VK that the situation should normalize, and everyone should be happy as any delay would result in a Client complaint. The divine VK came to my rescue and to my team.

All of this in just three months of receiving VK. I have spent so much time with other modalities and none has produced result like VK has and that too so fast.

Yes, there are days when I still feel frustrated with issues, but I keep telling myself that VK is there and will take care of things and try to move my focus out of the mental traps that we have created over the years.

Earlier experiences have taught me not to become transactional and we should keep giving energies to the situation that we are working on and leave rest to the divine. A little more patience and persistence is what is required. I now don't even visualize I leave that to the divine VK as I know VK has the best visualization.

I have lot more to do and achieve lot of things in life and I still respect the science of astrology and other modes of healing, but I think VK is enough for me.

Few years more with VK and I know I can write a book of magical experiences with VK.

A sincere thank you to Sharat Sir for creating divine VK and helping us out.

Thank you for going through my post!


  • @Kuldiplatt


    Thanks for sharing. In all your paragraphs i could read that you mostly used GOLDEN SUNRISE and talking to VK...... your wish in your words.

    This is the best thing to do with VK.

    I loved your line..."I now don't even visualize I leave that to the divine VK as I know VK has the best visualization".

    Because VK does deliver the best beyond our visualisation.

    On behalf of Team VK and Sharat Sir, we invite you to write an article as a testimonial on litairian website.

    I could read your wish of writing a book on VK experiences....So be it.

    Let the magic begin with an may be life changer for many others.

    What say Kuldip?

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji


    Yes, it is true, most of the times I use GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK and this one is my favorite.

    Sometimes, when i don't know what energies to give to a situation so I just request VK to give appropriate energies to the situation and rest is taken care by VK.

    I would like to thank you, Team VK and Sharat Sir for inviting me to write an article.

    It will be an honor for me to contribute to litairian website.

    Do let me know how should I go about it?

    Thank you

  • @Kuldiplatt


    Sharat Sir gave this platform of litairan forum to all of us to explore VK and share our experiences too in VK Success Stories.

    Your enthusiam to write more and even a book is appreciated. We take your enthusiam further on litairian website.

    You can please write an email to [email protected] mentioning about this post (paste this post link) and your enthusiam to write a testimony on website.

    We will take it further from there.

    Thank you for your enthusiam and keep sharing more and more to inspire all of us here !

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your learnings and sharing !!
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji


    I will send the mail as suggested.

    Thank You.


    Wonderful experiences , Educating experiences by @Kuldiplatt with VK in just few months.

    Thank you Kuldip for beautifully sharing your experiences!!.....10/10

    Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK making us a Winner....

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ji


    Thank you very much to Sharat Sir and the entire VK team for considering my testimonial.

    I hope that my experiences help others.

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