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VK TIP 83 :HOME REMEDIES, water tap,electricity,pest control,termites, radio,phone, mosquito,plants


Now some Home Remedies with VK

B) If the pressure of water in taps is low. Say ALL CLEAR SERUM 3 times and keep VK on the tap for sometime.

:3 Send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to your main electric board using VK and save on bills.

<3 Send BEAUTY SERUM to your recipes and see what happens.

B) Send GOLDEN SUNRISE and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM to your plants and see amazing growth. You can enhance the effect with MOOD UP SERUM

:o Charge a Nail Polish Remover with ALL CLEAR SERUM and apply on wooden furnitures as a pest control measure.

<3 If your FM radio is not catching frequency of different stations. Keep VK on it for sometime with GOLDEN SUNRISE or ALL CLEAR SERUM.

B) If your mobile phones or laptop gets hung, rotate VK on it with chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE or ALL CLEAR SERUM for few minutes.

=) Charge your mosquito repellant with ALL CLEAR SERUM to reduce its side effects.

Do share your VK experiences with all of us.

Gratitude to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for Versatile applications of VK.



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