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VK TIP 73 : De-addict your spouse,increase love in family, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, smoking, lust

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS

If you feel your spouse does not show interest in family life and is also addicted to alcohol or some addicting substance. The reason of lack of interest could be addiction also.

Why not use VK to de-addict and attract love in same request.

<3 You can use a combination of Anti addiction serum will help to De-addict
All Clear Serum will help to clear all unwanted energies due to addiction and even otherwise and
Love Serum to get back love.
GOLDEN SUNRISE to all healing to enhance the effects.

While requesting Anti addiction serum keep the intention of the substance that needs to be freed from.

Example if it's alcohol think about De addiction from alcohol.

Hold VK and say
VK please give
ANTI ADDICTION SERUM x 3 (Intention of de-addiction from alcohol/lust/tobacoo…)
to my spouse/name.

BALANCE SERUM can be added to any healing without a second thought.

Keep VK aside for 30 min.

Do this frequently as per need daily till you see desired results.

<3 You can charge the water and food of your spouse with above energies.

Additional Tip :

:3 You can even charge the alcohol bottles/tobacco or cigar packets with ANTI-ADDICTION SERUM.

If you don’t have access to these things, simply write on the paper,

“All alcohol bottles or Cigar packets or Tobacco packets being consumed today by my spouse / name “

Hold VK and say ANTI ADDICTION SERUM x 3 and place VK on this paper for around 15-30 min

B) If there Is lust through cell phone through social networking websites. Write on the paper

“Cell Phone of my Spouse and Cell Phones of all the women involved with him in this lust”

Hold VK and say ANTI ADDICTION SERUM x 3 (Intention de-addict to lust and networking) and place VK on this paper for around 30 min.

<3 You can take ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (If you are a wife) or ALPHA MALE SERUM (If you are a husband) along with MOOD UP SERUM to keep yourself cheerful and confident.

Please read the hyperlinks to know how each energy helps and even more methods and ways to deal with the situation.
Do read the section BASICS OF VK , learning posts by Sharat Sir on how frequently or how long the healing should be continued and other basic points.

Do share your experiences on VK tips


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