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VK TIP 15 – Pampering Feet.....Mini Pedicure

edited September 2018 in VK TIPS

How about some Pampering to our feet using VK in a different way ?

Charge hot water (Bearable) with GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM using VK .
You can charge either before heating or after heating. Do as convenient to you.

Either do 50 rotations for 5 liter water or keep VK for 5 min in water after requesting each energy back to back.

Then soak your feet in this water for around 20 min.
You can read a book or listen to music or just relax in this 20 min.
After 20 min check your feet for softness texture or complexion.

Additional Tip : Do this above exercise before sleeping . Then apply any cream which is charged with BEAUTY SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE to your feet. Leave it overnight.

Experience PEDICURE effect at home with hardly any efforts or cost using VK daily.


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