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VK TIP 71: Prosperous abundant life for health, relation, money, family with simple blessings

edited December 2018 in VK TIPS

Some Prosperity Tips today

Sharat Sir guides Prosperity is not counted only in Money Or Financial Success.
There should be abundance in love, happiness, harmony, health, peace of mind and so on…….

With your intention just send energy using VK.

Just think of the situation and request VK to send energy there.

Say each request 3 times.
Keep a gap of 30 min between 2 different request.

<3 VK please activate LOVE energy for my home.

:3 VK please send energy of HAPPINESS to my parents.

B) VK please send ABUNDANCE to all my bank accounts.

:3 VK please send PEACE to my work environment.

=) VK please send energy of SMILES to my children.

:3 VK please send energy of HARMONY to my neighbours.

B) VK please send energy of JOY to my siblings.

<3 VK please send infinite blessings to all the people who are thinking of me right now.

And so on......

Do share your experiences with this VK Tip

how to place a request, please check learning posts by Sharat Sir in BASICS OF VK section on this Forum.

Thank you Sharat Sir for Beautiful Gift of VK to all !!


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