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Stiffness and posture improve through VK

edited August 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
One of my family member is facing pain in the lower back area and on the upper back between the shoulder blade. I charged his ayurvedic oil and water with golden sunrise, pain care serum and perfect health serum. Also I rotated vk on his pain area but not much difference found. He has issues with stiffness and that makes even his posture like a hunch back which he tries to make right but gets pain. I tried key pen serum thinking its due to some kidney infection but still it persists.

Please guide me how to cure it?


  • @Shrinath


    Does the person feel financial burden or more responsibilities ?

    Sometimes these emotions also cause stiffness and posture pain. Please check.

    If its only posture then maybe you can add GYM SERUM and BRAIN SERUM BALANCE SERUM.
  • Yes he has financial debts which always keeps him worried
  • @Shrinath


    You can please do EFT of affected parts.

    EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique to release unwanted or trapped negative emotions , which may manifest in stiffness and pain if not released.

    VK mimics this wonderfully.

    You can give direct request or charge his drinking water.

    EFT can be included with TWS or health healing also....
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    GS @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher - As per your instruction i drew a circle wrote his name and gave GS, TWS, PCS, EFT and Balance serum at night and morning actually he said his upper back pain is reduced a lot.
    How many doses of EFT and PCS with TWS is required as I was thinking to charge his water purifier today evening. Is it ok ?

  • @Shrinath

    Wow thats great. Thanks for sharing.

    Upper back pain is mostly due to pressure of responsibilities.

    Lower is due to financial liabilities.

    EFT works for both.

    Generally we dont club health and wealth healing. Here Pain Care is for health.
    Because the energy gets divided.

    The number of doses will depend on situation.

    Maybe you can do paper method you can request TWS EFT BALANCE SERUM every 10 min. This will build more energy. If you have multiple VK ....boost the healing.

    For water....its a great there would be many doses....

    For water it should be stored water. Do you know if the purifier has a reserve tank....then you can charge the tank with each energy keeping VK aside 1min/lit...

    However some purifiers have no storage they just dispense fresh water everytime. So in that case the water will not be stationary to charge it.

    Another way is Request Vk

    Please charge all water and foods that Mr XYZ would have today with....energies....and keep VK aside for 30 min.

    Check what is convenient to you.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thanks for the help. I confirmed with him the PureIT has a separate storage tank. Also is it given as EFT or the full form to the water? I should rotate each serum 3 times and leave for per minute one liter of water so in case if its 12 liters then 12 minutes, And same for others too right ?

    The Circle i created has his name in the center and all serums around him and the name. Last night i kept VK on the circle and he got the energy full night.

  • @Shrinath

    EFT is a common term. So you need not say full form.

    Yes you can keep VK aside requesting each energy at a time....1min/lit. Or just keep 15 min...rounding off.

    Please note when you want to write COSMIC Serum names along with the affected person..

    Sir guides NOT to put circle .....around Cosmic Serums (invented by him). Because CIRCLE or close boundary limits the energy. And Serums work beyond a person. So we allow them to work without limits.

    For only EFT you can put a circle if you wish.

    I follow an easier way....i write the name of the person. And write the energy names including Cosmic Serum names below this name.

    Hold VK and say VK activate this healing. And place VK on the paper. So i dont have to say all the energy names.

    And when the paper is at home and i am out. I get that paper in my intention and request VK to activate that healing and keep VK aside.

    For few days you can follow both water and paper method if thats possible for you. This is to speed up his healing.

    Keep the healing intention ...HEAL NOW FOREVER.

    Even if you keep VK for whole night....VK does auto healing only for 30 min. After 30 min ....VK is free for next request.
  • The EFT worked for him and he got relief but then his upper back started hurting and was vomiting yesterday night for 6 times and he was also unsure what happened, So I sent Perfect health serum and SO7R. Now its solved.

    Is there any way where Through VK i can recharge his clothes to solve the hunchback and posture issues and the infrequent pain he goes through ?
    Whats the best serum combination as I was thinking to recharge his Ghee, Edioble oil, Mens grooming like soap, shampoo or clothes now.

  • @Shrinath

    The vomitting could be due to hot weather or indigestion also.

    The back pain would need healing to be continued.

    I guess you are charging his water purifier.

    Just a thought....whatever healing you are doing dont inform the person about the medium everytime. I dont know if you told them about water.

    This is based on my personal experience if you tell people about all the healings....sometimes due to their past they feel more resistance towards any healing

    You cn charge oil ghee with Pain Care serum and Balance Serum.

    Soaps and shampoos can be charged with ALL CLEAR SERUM and BALANCE SERUM

    Regarding can charge with ALPHA MALE SERUM and MOOD UP SERUM one day

    Next day charge with PAIN CARE SERUM...

    On paper write
    Clothes worn by XYZ today....

    Energise this paper with each energy for few min.

    You can take a normal cream or Pain balm and charge it with PAIN CARE SERUM EFT to affected area and ALL CLEAR SERUM and ask someone to apply on his back twice.

    Water charging also you can do one day with PERFECT HEALTH SERUM PAIN CARE SERUM EFT TO FULL BACK BALANCE SERUM


    Please continue healing with patience.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher - Thank you for the solution. I have not told him about the charging though his wife knows about it. Whats the best serum for Posture improvement ? He is also lacking self confidence so i have given him Wolf help now, Bravo serum with GS.

    I am not sure what to use for posture improvement as he is not that confident and constantly worries about his hunch back and rounded back. Please guide ?

  • @Shrinath

    Thank you for your thanks.

    EFT wil improve his posture and pain..... as i feel the stiffness is due to emotional stress mostly....which in this case seems to be due to financial situation.

    So TWS AMS MUS BLS EFT was suggested in last post.

    In posture PAIN CARE SERUM is very the other combination was suggested to be given alternate days if you are charging the whole tank
    GS PCS BLS .Here you can add BRAVO SERUM.

    Try mimicking a physiotherapy session with safety and security....

    Its my personal experience which i did on others if you continue ALPHA SERUM for few weeks....they dont need BRAVO SERUM the confidence level rises. In the begining you can add as required.
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