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Kidney Dialysis

edited March 2018 in Health Discussion

Greetings Sharat Sir n VK teachers, I do not know much about kidney disease or dialysis..but would like to know how can I help a lady who has recently started undergoing dialysis twice a week and is very much disturbed thinking about her family...

Can kidneys restore their function to normal with help of VK as both of them have failed?

Kindly guide..n many thanks


  • @Rian

    Since you are a VK user for quite some time, can you answer which Cosmic serums would be helpful in this case.

    Maybe you can type KIDNEY on litairian website and see what comes up. You need not know about the disease completely when you have VK, you can still choose energies.

    Do you know any technique with VK to energise a particular organ to revitalise it?

    Regarding your 2nd question i will answer you with my experiences , but i want you to come up with healing possibilities

  • edited March 2018

    Hello Rakhi Mam...

    Yes... I was giving her Key Pen Serum, GS,PHS,MMM for almost a month before dialysis started...
    Even did VOB , Psychic surgery healing and EFT for kidneys...She felt better and had told me so...but few days back I came to know that..her condition detiorated and last week her first dialysis was done...


  • @Rian

    Your combination is correct. You can add BALANCE SERUM too.

    I guess you mean Psychic Surgery.

    With VK , one can improve quality of life. The energy need may be very high in some cases.

    MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA can be increased in such cases.

    I was sending energy to a teenager who was born only with one Kidney and that too started failing.

    He could not attend his classes, he was also into sports , all activities got reduced, the only medical treatment was kidney transplant for him. Dialysis was started to manage his condition. He could not go out of home.

    And there was no donor matching his type. There was a big question mark on his life .

    I was charging his water with GOLDEN SUNRISE KEY PEN SERUM and MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA for months. I started doing PSYCHIC SURGERY twice a day for his kidney.

    His health improved after few months, he could go for studies and even started his sports. Dialysis was reduced.

    His creatinine levels would fluctuate , and the pressure on family was by doctors, that he needs a transplant anyhow.

    He did go for a transplant after around 10 months when he got a donor, but during these months before transplant, VK improved his life, his activity, he started camping out and meeting friends.

    He was depressed earlier, but by the time he got the donor, his confidence and will power to live life increased tremendously.

    Even after transplant, he still had fluctuations in Creatinine, which was managed with VK.

    We do not know how much a person has to live and go through such phases.

    When we have VK , we can surely think of improving life with our simple efforts.

    You can continue to help her if you feel. But leave this anxiety from your mind, will it help ?? Will VK restore ?....

    Rather Pray to VK to do the best for her. Do the healing and leave the results to Divine .

    Hope i could answer your question.

  • @Rian

    You can give BRAVO SERUM to her to cope up mentally if there is a need

  • Thanks Rakhi Mam...for this wonderful explanation and the example shared is really motivating... is best to leave it to VK i.e. Divine to do what is best for the patient...

    Yes...In continuation with what I was sending her... I will surely send her new healing serums mentioned by you through VK.. Will surely update here.. because kidney dialysis is very common problem...but was wondering why it was yet not discussed here...

    Thanks so much...

  • @Rian

    Thank you for your thanks and kind words.

    Appreciate your healing efforts for others.

    Dear don't think Kidney dialysis is common, remove this thought for any disease.

    Also there are more than 500 diseases reported on health websites, so don't think why kidney dialysis was not discussed or be it for any diseases in this platform.

    This forum is for learning with others and people would post about for what they are ready to do healing or what situations they face.

    Kidney problems have been discussed in previous posts though.

    Do update your experiences, it would motivate all of us.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

  • Thanks Rakhi Mam ..Agreed..

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