Please provide Guidelines to treat Brain Tumour with VK.

Golden Sunrise!
I am submitting this query on behalf One of our peer VK user. His brother in law identified with Brain Tumour. He needs some specific guidelines in this regard.


    1. Please send Golden Sunrise +Brain Serum + Care Serum + All Clear serum .
      Increase the frequency of sending these energies.

    2.You can also add the energy of Mahamrityunjay mantra.Energies of Pain Care Serum and Perfect health serum should also be given.

    1. Watch or send the energy of the video Tumor treatment.

    2. You can also do Psychic surgery of Brain.
      Hold Vk and say Pyshic surgery of brain thrice and keep on name or pic.

    3. Can also do Vital organ Balancing of Brain while chanting Mahamrityunjay mantra.

    4. Mood up Serum and Bravo Serum to lift the spirit of the patient.

  • 1.Must do Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Self Reading Meditation for any brain disorder . This meditation helps for recovery at the soul level. This meditation can be done for others too. When you start reading this meditation , intend that person that you are reading this meditation for and mentally say a declaration sentence. For example, if you are reading this meditation for xyz, say this declaration 3 times: ”I am doing this SELF READING MEDITATION FOR xyz”.

    2.Charge any oil with Brain Serum and apply same to the head area as an additional way of sending energy if the person is willingly allowing to apply oil.

    3.Charge body clothes, bed sheets ,water too with the serums for the same effects.

    1. Continue with all the medicines prescribed along with these serums.
  • Vital Organ Balancing can be done using easy ways. Just write the name of the affected person on paper and Brain. Rotate VK on this paper with chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE Or MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA DAILY for 10-20 min.

    Brain Serum is very effective for all brain disorders. I have used Brain Serum and Mahamrutunjay mantra with VK for my relative who was having Brain clot/Infarct hospitalised with high fever and other symptoms.
    He is doing very well now.
    I have just charged his water distantly


  • Just a query when I want to use some other person name do I need to put the name of the person in circle whom I need to send the energy to heal?
  • @Shrinath ji u can send any serum /energy for urself or others by requesting name mentally only .
    you can send energy to any person or self
    By writing name on a piece of paper with/without circle or on photograph also.
  • Sincere Gratitude for the replies... and I will update the Progress then.

  • Golden Sunrise!
    I express my sincere Gratitude to all and Sharat sir....
    We followed your guidelines. The person treated for Brain Tumour and discharged from hospital. He is going as out patient for the follow-ups.
    Thanks a lot...

  • @auronatty
    Thanks for sharing your experience and happiness with all of us.
    Thanks to Sir for VK and this forum to get us all together for learning and sharing our experiences....changing many lives

    Please continue the healing for the person as maintenance .....GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

  • Awesome. Thank you for updating on this forum.Many a times people ask for guidance especially in critical cases . When you share the progress , it motivates and encourages so many more people. Golden Sunrise to his recovery and all to all your efforts.

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    VK ko hum ek AMOGH SHASTRA kah sakte hay. GOLDEN SUNRISE.
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