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Today, I am happy and very excited to share with you my 2nd Superior Invention “VIBBES SEEDER - VS”. I invented VIBBES SEEDER - VS in December 2017 but publicly going to launch today... It is a “State of the Art” Divine Tool, after continued success of my first invention, VIBBES KADA – VK since May 2009.


  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor

    Heartiest Congratulations Sharat Sir for such powerful amazing creation and successful launch. Golden Sunrise to your efforts and Infinite Gratitude for your gift of VS to uplift mankind.


    Thank You Sir ! I look forward to knowing and understanding more about VS and getting one for myself soon :)

  • Heartiest congratulations Sharat Sir, thank you for blessing us all with your new invention VS along with VK.
  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor

    Thank you so much for Vibbes Seeder in my life. I loved to be part of your mission VS. Feeling blessed to have VS at my home.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    God bless you for super inventions VK and VS !!

  • @DivineSoul

    You can ask about VS to me. I have been part of experiments with Sir. And i have VIBBES SEEDER at my place since Dec 2017.

    Feeling blessed to be with Sir and to have VK and VS both in my lives !!

  • Thank you Sharat Sir for this amazing new tool!!! I can feel the buzzing energy of this wonderful new tool!! I am savin up so I will be able to purchase VS soon! I am so excited to hear all the amazing stories and successes that will be happening now and can't wait to add in my own!! Peace Love and GOLDEN SUNRISE to everyone always!! xo

  • Congratulations Sir for the new invention.
    Gratitudes to all your efforts to change our life with positive energy.
  • @Julesmm

    You can use VK GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR MY VS NOW be blessed with VS for your home

  • Woww!! Sir you have flagged the most awaited Launch today. Another revolutionary Device, another gateway to Divine world with loads of Cosmic Energy. We are blessed again. Glories to you Sir. Accept my Pranam.
  • Goooood Idea Rakhi!! Thank you!! <3

  • @Julesmm

    Thank you for your thanks


  • Congratulations Sharat sir for new invention of Vibes Seeder...

  • All excited to have one at my home and being in the positively energized environment :-)

  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor My Thanks and gratitude to you for taking humanity to a step above through Vibbes Seeder. Looking forward to have it in my home and started placing request through VK so, I can have it soon :)

  • Very excited to hear about VS. Rakhi ji can you pls. let me know the size of VS. how big it is . thank you

  • @chico

    Its around 8 X 8 inches squarish frame

  • Many Congratulation Sharat Sir.
    Requesting VKay to have VS in my Life Now.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE SIR. What an awesome invention Sir. I am requesting VK to soon manifest my dream of having VS.

  • @Kari

    Keep the intention to have VS NOW NOW instead of soon.

    Soon is in future.


  • Ok Rakhi mam.ty for guiding me :) :)
  • Sir, Please bring a solution for people who have multiple properties, meaning something like VK or VS, multiple properties can be programmed so that it can get the continuous energy. or tell us how we can achieve to give continuous energy to all the properties in once.

  • @Manmit

    The solution to multiple properties is to have VIBBES SEEDER at each of the individual property.

    The properties you are mentioning are they in the same premises, do they have common walls? does the same kitchen serve all the properties/places? If yes what is the total area of these properties.

    When we enjoy each property separately, we prepare food at each property, we should also welcome solutions for each property.

    Also you have more than one VK at your place, you could have only one VK !! You know the advantage of multiple VK for family members. You can also have VIBBES SEEDER for multiple places.

    The invention of VIBBES SEEDER is itself a big boon to humanity, globally no one has come up with a single solution to take care of so many problems that too in a simple way.

    We feel blessed to have VIBBES SEEDER at our place.

    You can achieve continuous energy at all properties by just placing a VIBBES SEEDER programmed and attuned by Sharat Sir for each of those property NOW. Its very simple !!

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE, I have query on VS... myself and my brother have constructed home like floor wise and also on to floor 2 rooms are there, one room for me and other for him.. the address of the home is only one and we didn't name it like apartment. In this case is one VS will serve for my whole family including my brother's family? We have separate kitchen.
  • @Chetandurdi VS works at optimum levels for a maximum distance of 500 sq. sq meters., after which the energy levels would start to drop. So you will have to check the area of your home and get consultation from our team for further assistance.
  • @Chetandurdi


    Two kitchens in same premises with more than one family will require atleast 2 VS irrespective of total area . Also the each floor plan will be required along with its total area to check the placement of VS.

    You can please send the floor plan for further evaluation if you wish to have VS.
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    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you for the reply. all the properties have separate addresses and are rentals. also to put at each and every property will not be possible coz

    firstly I don't live there.
    secondly, the cost will be high if I have to get for all.

    so that why I was asking if we can attune all at once with something so that energies can be relayed throughout, all the time for all.

  • @Manmit

    You can set your priorities and install VS in places you wish to.

    You can request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to make way for VS in NOW.

    Whichever property you wish to.

    Just to share with you, there are rental homes which have VS, if the address is changed, Sharat Sir can re-attune the same VS to a new address.

    Being at a rental or own house is a mindset. We need to be safe and comfortable wherever we stay even if its for just few months. This is my personal view.

    The current invention is one VS at one place depending upon other factors.

    Maybe one day , something comes up that not only multiple properties but the whole world benefits ......thats my wish.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your thought/idea/proactiveness for multiple homes benefitting !!

  • How many days does it take to get VS?
  • @Nihar12


    It can be discussed after knowing the personal details of the place where it has to be placed. There will be some questions given to person who wants to order VS , to know exact requirement as per the place where it is to be installed.

    Then some formalities . After that Sir will start attunement . It would take few days depending on his priorities . The person will be will be informed once its ready. Then Standard courier time.

  • Thank you.
  • Can VS help with water problems - we have well water and have a terrible iron problem that we NEVER used to have - also I have not had my water tested so I don't know if there are other things wrong with it. Also what about unwanted pests/ biting bugs outside on your property? We live on a beautiful lake but this area has tiny little bugs maybe noseeums that bite and also black biting flies - we can't be outside and enjoy our wonderful home/property cause they are so nasty. I have my $$ saved up and would like to finally order my VS tomorrow just have questions on how and if this will help?!

  • @Julesmm


    VS is invented and attuned by Sharat Sir to work on a PLACE.
    It will protect the place from unwanted effects of WATER VEINS running near the property
    The lake may fall under this category.

    Check this article on WATER VEINS

    For drinking water, you can use VK, you can charge the water with GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM and/or request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE NEGATE THE EFFECT OF UNWANTED SUBSTANCES OR ENERGIES FROM THIS WATER.

    Regarding the pests/bugs.....outside the property

    You can use VK and request ALL CLEAR SERUM keep intention that they leave the place.
    You can even MIMIC the effect of SUITABLE PESTICIDE for this exterior with safety and security for the inhabitants

    To know the benefits of VS, please check this article.

  • thank you that was helpful :)

  • any direction for vs to be installed or any particular p;ace top be installed

  • @lunawat123

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. About placement of VS , it will be guided by VS team , once VS is ordered and ready for placement.
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