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VK TIP 12 – Charge Vehicle Fuel Tank to Improve Mileage

Charge your vehicle fuel (petrol/diesel/CNG) tank with GOLDEN SUNRISE using VK .

Imagine your vehicle's fuel tank in front of you. Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE 3 times . Then rotate VK approx 100 times on this imaginary fuel tank.

Or you can write on a paper “My Car’s fuel tank “. Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3 , and keep VK on this paper for around 10 min. Your car's fuel tank will be charged.

Please do this exercise when you refill your vehicle fuel tank next time ......And let us know the effect on the mileage..... B)


  • Thankyou didi this VK tip is super awesome...every time i charge my fuel tank with VK.
    This tip increase mileage for both my car and bike with approx 20km for normal filling fuel.
    Bike avenger for 500rs petrol and
    Car scorpio diseal for 1000rs.
  • I am always having success with this tip. Even i can make out vehicle engine also be smooth. B)
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher and @Chetandurdi

    Thank you both for sharing your experiences and motivating all !!

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE I am a VK user n hav had so many incidents to share.i am so happy to hav turned to VK. It has been only a month n results r amazing. Thankyou Sharat Sir. Very happy to be a part of your family. Will surely share my experiences soon, as my exams r going on.
  • Yes. Tq tq tq. Had seen results when travelling long distance and done it once. Will continue doing it. Tq tq tq a very timely reminder. Also I drew an energy circle using switch words and bach flower like SLOW CARE Mimulus. I placed it inside the car at the pocket on the inside of the car door facing inwards. It is safe and we are always protected. When a colleague car banged into the back of car, head front nothing was damaged even though felt the impact strongly in driver seat!!! God, universe is merciful and gives us teachers here, Sharat sir too to share solutions and tools. Grateful and showrers of blessing for all!!!
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