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VK TIP 2 – Beautiful feet with no shoe bite

:3 Charge a cream using VK with BEAUTY SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE and apply on your feet daily.

:3 And charge your shoes with energy of word RELAX . Now when you wear a new shoes / rainy shoes this will prevent from a shoe bite.

B) BEAUTY SERUM has all the energies to keep the skin healthy and soft.

B) Cream once charged ...remains charged till it is consumed.
Shoes to be charged daily or before next use as per requirement.

Method :

Hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE x 3. Rotate VK on the cream or lotion pack for 15- 20 times slowly. The cream is charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE .
VK is free for next request.

Then say BEAUTY SERUM x 3. Rotate VK over the same pack 15 to 20 times slowly. The pack is now charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM.
VK is free for next request.

Hold VK and say “RELAX” 3 times and rotate over your shoes for 15 to 20 times slowly.

VK is free for next request


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