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Healing for Wart (massa in hindi) and Hand Foot Mouth disease

edited February 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise to All!

My Son who is now nearing 2 yrs got Wart kind of thing close to his anus when he was 5 months old. We started with homeopathic medicine and it nearly went off... Nearly after 10 months it reappeared so we started with homeopathic medicines but its not really clearing off.

He has been on meds now for nearly two months, i stopped giving him the meds for nearly 20 days now as he had developed Hand foot mouth disease. Today I notice in this gap that Wart kind of thing has increased in size. And it seems its giving him itching as he asks us to itch that area on and off.

Pls suggest what energy should i give to his medicines so that it clears off forever.
Pls note I am already charging his water with Baby care Serum and Perfect health serum. Since today stopped giving him calm down serum in water as I have noticed his tantrums have reduced.



  • @Sulatha

    For Warts, you can apply a baby cream charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE , ALL CLEAR SERUM BEAUTY SERUM .

    You can give the energies in water or food too.

    You can do Psychic surgery for warts.

    Write the name of the affected person on paper.

    Hold VK and say PSYCHIC SURGERY TO THE AFFECTED AREA x3 and Keep VK on this name for 30 min.

    Can do this twice a day.

    For hand foot mouth disease, include IMMUNE SERUM and ZAPPER HEALING 9voltz 10 KiloHerts with safety and security. You can add these along with Perfect Health Serum and Baby Care Serum .

    Keep the healing intention NOW FOREVER.

    When the infection is through, stop Zapper energy , but continue with Immune Serum to boost up his immunity.

  • Thanks a ton ma'am. Golden Sunrise to All!!!

  • Dear Rakhi ma'am,

    Wanted to inform you my son's wart has healed may be 2 days back... I was in two minds should i continue the physic surgery or not as there is a mark kind of thing remaining where the wart was... then just tried the inner guidance thing that are mentioned in majority of the posts and finally decided to stop the healing.

    Thanks a ton for your guidance!!!
    Golden Sunrise to Sharat Sir and All the team members!!!

  • @Sulatha

    GOLDEN SUNRISE and thank you for sharing your VK experience. It motivates all of us.
    Thank you for your thanks on behalf of Sharat Sir and Team VK.

    For clear left over marks on skin , you can apply any cream charged with GOLDEN SUNRISE BEAUTY SERUM and ALL CLEAR SERUM daily.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for easy ways of healing with VK !!

  • Sure, Thanks!!!

  • Golden Sunrise
    Which serums do we use for loose motion in 1 yrs old baby
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