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MY SUCCESS; quick healing with multiple VK

Thankyou so much sir for giving the method to use multiples VK more innovative way.
Sharing one of my experience with multiple VK.
I am a family of 5 five VK users,
now this " VK Boost " is wonderful to enhance the speed of healing.
One day My wife has severe back pain even she was unable to stand
I did VOB for her back. Also gave her GOLDEN SUNRISE, PAIN CARE SERUM, ALL CLEAR SERUM, BALANCE SERUM, she felt some relief.
So then for more energy and more relief ....i used this method with 3 VK to BOOST THE HEALING.
to my surprise 20 minutes later she was working as there were no pains the pain got vanishes completely.

Thankyou so much sir for sharing this method to increase the healing process and for more quickly reliefs.


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