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Experience sharing: Excellence Mindfullness course by Rakhi


I called Rakhi before enrolling as I have done some courses in spirituality and not to end up the same as it is not contributing to self-improvements in a long run.

She gave confidence that it will be lifetime beneficial.

So, I went ahead and enrolled for the coarse on May 3rd. And completed course this week.

The program/exercises are designed very simple to understand and implement with our day-to-day activities.
Already some of them integrated into my daily routine.
The course is personally reviewed by Sharat Sir with adding a few exercises.

Some of the changes or improvements I see in 33 days:
1. Calm mind
2. Involving with happenings in life... previously I use to avoid situations
3. Organizing self easily
4. Self-confidence in many areas of life.
5. Enhanced listening, seeing, tasting, smelling and other mindfulness skills
6. Feeling one with all beings
and many more.... :3

I will keep sharing new experiences in the coming days and months with continued practice. :)

My take on this course is that this is one of the foundation skills we all have to learn and be one with our existence on earth.

Best regards,


  • @Chetandurdi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for beautifully expressing your experiences right from enrolling the course. It has been a beautiful experience for me to coach on mindfulness and share my experiences. I also appreciate your active participation and sharing throughout the 33 days excellence journey in mindfullness.

    You rightly said Sharat Sir has added wonderful exercises in designing this course. My gratitude to Sir for giving this opportunity of Mindfullness teaching in litairian group.

    Mindfulness is the way of life. It now continues for you life long. I wish and bless you a GOLDEN SUNRISE life with mindfulness in all areas.

    Thank you again !!
  • Many congratulations Chetan for completing the Mindfulness course with Rakhi. During the course, Rakhi had shared your improvements and experiences many times with me. I am very happy to see a new Chetan in you. I bless you to live your life with more Awareness (Chetan).

  • Some more improvements which I am experiencing:
    1. It's easy to deep analyse of the topics where previously I use to go on surface level
    2. Understanding of the topics becomes easy
    3. Gives sense of people's nature
    4. Courage to face challenges
    5. I tell my openion easily to others without judgement

    Golden Sunrise
  • @Chetandurdi
    Great going. Happy to hear your new experiences on Mindfulness journey.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your enthusiasm in Mindfulness practices.
    Thank you for sharing always.
  • @Chetandurdi ji,

    Happy to read your new experiences.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your mindfulness practice.

  • Thankyou for sharing your experiences chetan ji. This will motivate many who are willing to change their life with complete mindfulness.
    GoldenSunrise to your joys.
    Gratitude to SharatSir and Rakhi didi for the amazing Course.
  • One of my childhood trauma got released after doing this course... Because of this trauma I use to run away from facing some challenging situations like:
    1. nagative situations
    2. Avoiding tough people
    3. Watching news channels
    4. Becoming passive in negative discussions
    5. Avoid challenges

    During the mindfulness practice I got realisation of the event which triggered this... In the process I witnessed the past event for 15 mins boldly...

    Post this healing I stopped differentiating between challenging and easy task... I started facing all situations easily and boldly.

    This course touches and heals some of the area which is beyond our reach.

    Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher and @SharatSir for designing and facilitating the foundation course for life transformation.
  • @Chetandurdi ji,

    Thanks for Sharing your Wonderful Experience in detail. Enjoy your Mindfulness journey.

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