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Mimmicking pranic healing

While mimmicking pranic healing should we use disease name or target organ of the body. Plz clarify


  • It is better to send Pranic healing to an organ or organs.

  • Thank u sirji
    While mimmicking pranic healing which affirmation among two mentioned below is correct.
    1. Vk plz do pranic healing to my xyz organ
    2. Vk plz send the effect of a full session of pranic healing to my xyz organ.
  • @mohan

    The 1st one is an innocent request.
    The 2nd is a thoughtfull one.

    I feel both are good.
  • Ok thank u rakhi mam
    As we know physiotherapy session effect can be given in water likewise can we give pranic healing session in water because i didnt find it anywhere in the article.
    Plz clarify
  • @mohan

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Sharing one experience with you. Earlier when SHIELD OF 7 RAYS energy was launched by Sharat Sir. We all used this energy only through direct request. Then one VK user started charging drinking water for her husband with energy of SO7R. She shared in the group some experiences where husband was always protected.

    We request you to do experiment with pranic healing too in VK charged water and share your experiences.

    VK has infinite possibilities. We can experiment and unlock its potentials.....
  • When we mimic pranic healing or reiki or any other healing modalities, should the receiver stay still, lie down/ sit or he/she can do other things and move around freely?
  • I mean if the receiver is doing other work, will he still receives the same amount of healing compared to staying still?
  • Yes the receiver gets same effects no need for staying still during pranic, reiki, chakra or any healing with VK.
    When you are healing with VK you are not Energy channel as doing reiki, pranic or other healing with hands or crystals, here VK is the energy channel and senders energy is not used.
  • @Mona
    That is the beauty of VK.
  • @Mona
    You can also experiment with VK and share your results with us.
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