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VK Tip 138 : Mask

Golden Sunrise Friends,
as a techie I have an idea to share. For preventive measure from any type of Flu we have Divine Tool VK gifted by Sharat Sir.

So here are the steps.

  1. Take any sanitized Mask.
  2. Charge this Mask with IMMUNE SERUM, ENT SERUM, Heart SERUM and Zapper Healing 5v 10 KHz with safety and security.
  3. Also add BALANCE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE to enhance the effect.
  4. Now use this Mask till the energy consumed.
  5. If the mask is disposable then discard safely.
  6. If the Mask is reusable then wash it and recharge with the same process.

Best part is You can gift this Mask to your Near and Dear, Loved one for their safety.

Happy Healing.

Thank You and Love You Sharat Sir for encouraging us as an Individual Healer.
Thank You Dear VK for helping always.
Thank You TEAM for your support.

You may add any other relevant energy as per requirement.


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