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VK Tip 137 : Third Eye Opening Amazingly with VK and Cosmic Serums

edited March 2020 in VK TIPS

Golden Sunrise.

I was struggling years to see some thing through which every body called THIRD EYE.

So before doing meditation i request VK to guide me how to open *THIRD EYE.
Later an idea popup in my mind to use VK for that purpose and the results was amazing.

After following few days same procedure & request mentioned below yesterday night just i sit and closed my eyes and with in a second i feel like a blast and any door opens on my third eye position. I saw my cousin who passed away 6 years back due to cancer, he is only one of my friend. He is coming through main door and back side there is huge huge light like SUN that you can not see and then he talk to me some thing, that time i was in full awareness and do not want that he go back and there was a full magnetic pressure i was feeling on my forehead, i was saying YES this is what i want to see like. Even i open my eyes after there is huge sensation tingling pressure on my forehead since yesterday night.

I was amazed to see the result after i request VK.

I request Dear VK Please send ES to my third eye + BS to my third eye + ACS to blockage opening my third eye & GS.

Golden Sunrise & lots of blessing to Sharat sir.


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