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VK Charging Bottled Water

edited May 2019 in General Discussion

Golden Sunrise!ॐ

Good day @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ma'am. :3 I would like to ask about charging bottled water. I have a pack of bottled water which I want to give to my nephew who is now recovering beautifully from her lymphoma cancer.Thank you so much once again to @SharatSir for VK and of course you, who is always very kind to assist and help and to my Divine Ganesha!ॐ Here's the picture of the pack of bottled water... My question is, do I need to separate each bottle and charge it one by one?or can I charge these bottles at the same time?Thank you for your time. :3 Namskar.ॐ


  • @JadeMS3

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Namaskar.
    Its good to Charge one water bottle at a time.

  • Thank you very much @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher . :3 Have a Blessed day.Namaskar.ॐ

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi,

    In your video, for charging the "image" of a water bottle on your phone or while charging the written request in your note book...while charging the image with 3 serums, you have used the word "and" before saying the last serum.

    However, based on Sharat Sir's articles, whenever I use VK on a picture of a person and charge it with 3 or 5 serums, I have not been saying "and" before the last serum. Is that wrong?

    Like I hold VK over my husband's photo and say, 'VK pls activate Golden sunrise x 3, Total wealth serum x 3, Shield of 7 rays x 3, Balance serum x 3, All clear serum x 3.
    Is this correct? Please guide. Thank you.

  • @Saibisa



    The word AND is guided by Sharat Sir only while charging water or things when you charge water without rotating VK over water and just request VK with more than one energy. Its not required for sending energy to people through direct requests.

    Please check post no 24 and 18 in VK BASICS for illustrative examples

    Do share your experiences in VK SUCCESS STORIES category on this forum to motivate others
  • Golden Sunrise
    I had a same question, because i was just going through article of Boost method with multiple Vks , " and " is mentioned before the last energy sending direct request , so pl clarify , thanks
  • @ImLucky

    For VK procedures, please check the BASICS OF VK category posts.

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Want to update to u , a while ago told u abt our ancestor property deal which started frm 3rd sept 18, many ups downs ifs buts were going on since then
    after two weeks of rcvng Divine Vk on 3rd Oct 19 , i started sending GS , ACS, TWS, SO7R to our property Deal and as u suggested to go thru OSS , i started sending GS / OSS, BS , BLS , CDS/ S07R to all people Involved in this deal , finally the deal was done on 8th Nov and we got the Cheque on 11th Nov , thanks all team , Sharat Sir , Divine VK
    Now i want to Protect and Multifold the amount of my share , probably it will be given to relative for future investment by them and we will get interest , but still i need to protect the money from being gone with the wind type of issues,.pl suggest , I bless you and all all ur efforts , thanks thanks and thanks
  • @ImLucky Golden Sunrise
    You can keep sending GS, TWS, SO7R to your money regularly.
    I hope you are following Money Magnet Programme by @SharatSir
  • Golden Sunrise Puneet Sir
    Thanks fr ur guidance, i will start sending the Energies as per , should i mention my all money or all my bank accounts ?
    Yes im following Money Magnet programme , So
    I Bless you all Beauty Litairian team , Forum , Sharat Sir , Users , Divine Vk , VS
    Take Care
  • @ImLucky
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Yes you can. Happy to read your progressive experience. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for your blessings to all of us.
    I bless you infinitely.
  • Thanks Golden Rakhi Mam
    Will keep posting all magical moments with Divine Vk
    There are many small instances already happening by just thinking , thanks
    Bless you All Now Forever
    Take Care
  • @ImLucky
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for your thanks.
    Please share your success stories or experiences as a separate post in category VK SUCCESS STORIES on this forum.
    You can write what was the situation. How did you use VK and what were the experiences. How did you feel
  • Golden Sunrise
    Sure Mam i will keep posting the magical moments with Divine Vk , i had 2 Vks now and am in verge of having 3rd one soon
    Do u want me to shift the above exp on VK success stories page ?
    Jfyr, i had been using affirmation prior of VK ,
    Everything is always working for me , no matter what Things are always working for me ( Abraham Hicks )
    Magic and Miracles are for me at anytime everyday all day
    Im Lucky , Im Happy , Im Healthy , Im Peaceful
    Then i got Divine Golden Sunrise and after using it for few days i got to know about Divine VK , though i had earlier saw it on Litarian site , but i thought it was a kind of therapy of distance healing , i just left and concentrated on Golden Sunrise Videos , as its been said Divine Vk chooses its user so again it made me to go on site & learned about it and finally i got it

    Same thing was with Sharat Sirs affirmation, i had seen them on Pinterest and i always see the author and search on google about them, it was 6 months ago but at that time may be it skipped somehow and i was left empty handed

    Now i feel lucky to get in touch with you all family again

    Bless you all Now Forever

    By the way My Mom is feeling better , after u suggested Immune and Digee Serum , i would have not know to use it at that time since i was very new user ,

    Sorry to write so much but i want to express my feeling

  • Golden Mam
    I had posted the above Success on VK success stories in one of the story's below Leave a Comment Section
    Hope it is correct way of posting
  • @ImLucky
    Please create a completely new post. Select category VK success story and post.
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    My wife front teeth are loose just got back from dentist and he gave 3 options
    Splinting / Bridge / Implant
    Kindly suggest the healing so to avoid any of these 3 options , thanks
  • @ImLucky

    Dont think of avoiding procedures. Just think for best remedy.

    Which serum is for teeth? Check website plz
  • Thanks Mam
  • Golden Sunrise Mam
    Fyr ,

    Just placed the Order for 3rd Divine Vk to utilize them for the best of all Divine Souls

    Bless you all Now forever
  • Wonderful Golden Sunrise Blessings to you for more deep connecting with VK.
    Golden Sunrise Blessing to your Healing efforts.
  • @ImLucky

    Congratulations. I noticed that after you changed your user name here to Imlucky....things are changing for you with good luck. This user name became your good affirmation.

    Keep sharing your experiences. GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • Yes Mam , Im Really Lucky to be connected with you all Divine Souls , now Things have started working for me
    I will b having 3rd Divine VK soon , pl guide me to utilize for max benefit of others , for myself im really not using it much except charging my water bottle
    My expectation is to have 6 Vks , by the way how VKs you have ? And how do u utilize them ?

    A little about myself want to tell you, started my career abroad in 1993 -2006
    It was like Merry go Round , working hard , when i was on top some forces made me fall down, it happened many a times, but i did not loose hope , im really wanting to go abroad and settle now forever

    Its my Golden Sunrise Manfestation Project No 1, but hardly having time to work on it

    I Bless you Golden Mam for creative ways to work with Divine VK

  • @ImLucky
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. I use VK for charging waters and things. I also send energies through direct request . Most of the time i use the BOOST method with multiple VKs. Sir guides to use BOOST method when you have more than one VK to create more energy for same healing.
    Most of the times i talk to VK in my own words. For me there are no procedural barriers. And VK is my divine friend so there are no formalities between me and my VK.

    I pray to GOLDEN SUNRISE and VK to clear my path wherever i feel.
    Many times my intentions are very strong be it a small wish of having an icecream. I feel VK listens to my desires and fulfils them without much efforts.
    I do believe strongly with actions. Though i use LOA which is natural for me since childhood. And i get extra benefit with VK and LOA.
    Mostly visualisation or affirmations with VK has helped me a lot.

    I use VK for others most of the times with direct request sending energies and keeping my intention positive. Even charge waters for others.

    I prioritise my healing based on need and time. Priorities even change during the day.

    I request VK to regularise my time schedule. It helps me in multi-tasking.

    My eagerness to learn with VK increases everyday. I like to experiment with VK rather than thinking will it work.

    When things dont work as i desire, i do not blame VK. It may get tears in my eyes. But after sometime VK brings the reason to me why it didnt work and i realise it was for my highest good, or VK saved me or something better came up later.

    Sometimes i have put lot of efforts yet i didnt get results. At some time point i know its complete surrender to Divine and things move at that very time.

    Life is learning with every experience and situation. Same is with VK healing. Learn and move ahead.

    Its ok to feel sad and angry at times. But come back to the track and re-work with new hopes is my motto.

    I can keep writing but i would like to say devise your own ways with VK. And keep sharing your VK experiences too. Its a learning phase for all. You never know one experience by you may lit up many hearts.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in my life.
  • @ImLucky

    I also read articles on litairian website regularly. It gives me new ideas and new confidence. I even read articles and posts written by me and enjoy my success again and again.

    I enjoy sharing my VK experiences. It gives me extra confidence. I believe when you share joy it multiplies both for self and others.

    I do not compare my results or experiences with others. I choose to learn from them.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. I bless this post
  • Golden Rakhi Mam

    I Bless you for a wonder full Post , time and efforts writing it, we will learn alot from this post as a new user

    One thing is really clear, just to request Divine VK and it will do good for us no matter what our expectations are , just keep trusting and have faith ,

    Everyday is a new learning day , like its first day in our school so keep learning keep trying new way

    I appreciate it alot , Bless you Shart Sir , All team , Divine #VK # VS

    Golden SUNRISE
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    My Brother in Law is forcing me alot to join his construction business which i dont want to , can u pl suggest me serums / Batch flower remedy so i should be on my own as i am and always wanted to be Creator of my own reality
  • @ImLucky

    You can please check the bach remedies articles and decide whats best for you.

    You can also read the Serum articles and come up with your suggestions

    You need to spend some time in reading and finding solutions from articles which Sharat Sir spends atleast 8 hrs to write one article. This is to make us Independent
  • Thanks Mam , im already spending time to read articles , i will come up with some combination and let u know if its correct or any changes to to made ,
    I was thinking about to request VK to Make way for My Bro in Law to find a better option of a guy in his co ,
    ( intention will b better than me )
    Golden Sunrise
  • Golden Sunrise Mam
    I have just got my 3rd Divine VK
    Expecting more in coming days
    Bless you all Now Forever
  • Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with VK and how you use VK for you and for others
  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Just want to know if we can take energy of healing nos thru direct request for eg
    Energy of Healing No 520 Unexpected money , Healing no 318 612 518 714 Cash Flow , 71042 Harmonization Present or can make EC of such Nos and carry with us ? Kindly Guide with ur Exp , thanks
  • Yes you can use mimick healing numbers also with VK.
    I want to share my personal experience and guidance by @SharatSir As you are very curious VK user @ImLucky
    Switchwords, healing numbers works only at subconscious mind level while Cosmic Serums made by Sir are very good with VK and they work at Soul level too

    Still you can explore as you wish and Do share your experiences.
  • Thanks Mam Bless you forever
  • Golden Rakhi Mam
    Unable to play Cosmic Videos , there is no play button on screen to play the Video, can u pl check and let me know
    Im looking for Video of Aches Pain Cure
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