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Release your emotions to get fast healing results

Golden sunrise,
Past couple of weeks I was experiencing strange shoulder and upper back pain , first i thought it is tiredness because of being overworked but it was not relieving although my healing was continuous through serums and VOB . but this pain was not going. I was feeling like crying for no reason and even cried as well but crying or getting upset was not the solution I wanted. Upon discussing this with Rakhi di I requested VK to activate EFT for my shoulder and upper back and after 3 times I did this the pain vanished. Great !! isn't it when nothing worked then VK helped me to get out the situation by its Special mimicking feature.

But this healing given me an idea that when emotions are released you are painless and then I realise with that I am also reluctant to use ONE Soul Serum with my relatives and family members when it could have solved atleast 10 of my problems by now. so for 24hours continuously with my 2 VK's I kept dong the EFT healing for my mind and complete body. even at night the alarm on snooze for 30 minutes so that I can carry out the healing.I felt so light and my mind was like a empty cd with no thoughts and no emotions . I felt that hatred feeling for some people in my life because of past events was not there and i was willing to start healing with One soul serum which I could have started since last year to improve my relationship with them.
After 3 healing with require set of energies alongwith One soul serum I got a call from a person whom I haven't spoken to from past 1 year and to my surprise she was apologising for all that wrong things which she has done to me in past and I had no hate feeling at all. we clarified all issues and same time so many problems were solved for which I was doing healing for quite a long time.

from past 2 days I am requesting for EFT Atleast twice daily and i am so happy from inside and all the unwanted feelings of headache, depression etc etc are not there.
Thanks Sharat sir for blessing me with a lifelong friend VK which has the power to turn every single impossible situation to become possible....


  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher


    Amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing that too in so much detail.

    I loved your 2nd experience where you released emotions and resistance to use ONE SOUL SERUM for your dear ones.

    I would like to add one point here which i learnt through my experiences with VK and Cosmic Serums.

    Cosmic Serums work on body mind soul of the energy receiver and also on surroundings.

    Here in your case the pain was not a physical illness or posture was trapped emotions. VK with Cosmic serums that you used here worked on your mind.

    In Your conversation with me last week was YOU who asked me if you can use EFT for your shoulder and back pain. The solution was from your side. I only explained you what type of negative emotions you were holding that has probably given you this stuborn pain. And how VK and EFT works to release the emotions and get back your comfort and good health.

    Now you were holding resistance to give ONE SOUL SERUM also....which i was just not aware. So many negative emotions were stopping you to heal to better relationships.

    The pain persisted in your body till you got a signal to use EFT. It is the outcome of Cosmic serums and VK which led you beyond your shoulder pain and then to your relationships towards release emotions with EFT which VK mimicks wonderfully with some side effects like comfortable posture, ease , joy, and much more which already you experienced.

    If it would have only worked on your physical pain...maybe you would have waited for more time to realise the power of VK mimicking feature of EFT and to free yourself from other pains in your life and your resistance to heal your relationships is 1 yr disconnection from a dear friend. You were holding this pain in your heart past one year.

    VK ways are needs to realize and act.
    I appreciate and loved your ways of quickly exploring EFT with VK more for your body mind relationships. And VK delivered to you in more surprising ways.

    VK keeps giving signals to us ....while we are going through a situation. The corrections are happening ....we need to ACT and understand.

    Thank you again for sharing your VK experiences.
    Keep sharing and motivate all of us.

    Thanks to our Divine VK and Sharat Sir for gifting us VK to work on multiple levels...
  • This is very interesting!! I too have had terrible kinked neck pain and shoulder pain on the left side for the last 2 weeks. I have been working feverishly on the serums and VOB trying to get some relief but is isn’t working much at all. Was wondering if it had to do with inflammation in my body from foods that I was eating so tried cleaning up my diet even more (I think I am eating really well lately - on Keto diet) and making sure to do ALL CLEAR SERUM on all my foods and drinks but still no relief. So I will give this a try for sure ! I actually have signed up taking an online Faster EFT class with Robert Smith but haven’t started it yet. So here is to this working.

    VK please activate Faster EFT for neck and shoulder pain for me NOW. 3x

    Is this correct? Fingers crossed it works.

    Thank you Barinder and Rakhi for your discussions on this. I would love to learn more about this and how you have used EFT and releasing emotions!!!!!

    Blessings to all always <3

  • @Julesmm


    Shoulder pain might relates to emotional burden . A person with shoulder pain may feel burden of responsibility.

    Neck pain may be due to emotion where one needs to forgive self or someone else. Start loving self and others.

    For EFT just say VK please activate EFT to my shoulder and neck ....

    With VK its already gave you a signal for EFT...the serums that you took worked on your mind and gave you a signal.

    And before you started the online course of already read here about VK's mimicking feature of EFT.

    VK is always working at multiple level....we have to receive the signals and ACT on it.

    The BASIC learning posts in BASICS OF VK on this forum Sharat Sir also mentions about requesting EFT with VK.

    Happy learning.
  • Rakhi - thank you !! working on it now - on a family trip for a few days so am working digilantly on VK and EFT while we are driving !!

  • Yes I did search EFT here - great articles and sharing !!

  • @Julesmm

    Enjoy your trip.
    Please check my comment got posted while i was still writing. So i edited
  • Why is the acting part so difficult sometimes - I have a feeling that is some more eft and VK work that will help with that !!!

  • Thank you <3 :)

  • @Julesmm


    ACT part is not difficult. Its sometimes that we miss the signal,,,,because we are FOCUSSED only on problems. Sometimes its our BELIEF SYSTEM....that it should work only this way. So we are not able to look beyond that.

    Sometimes we are not in RECEIVING MODE, even if its there in front of us.

    Its important to focus on solutions.....then it becomes easier !!

    Now just think of solutions......and surrender the results to Divine

  • Gs my vk family...can we use eft and so7r together?
  • Rakhi - that is so very true!

  • @Barinder
    Hello again - i used EFT to get some relief from my neck and shoulder pain - still little bit remains. I would like to work more deeply with the second part of your post now. Could you explain with a little more detail what you did exactly for healing that deep emotional pain and how you used 2 VK together. I need to go back in the files and locate the info on how to best use multiple VKs
    Thank you for your time
    Blessings always

  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Did you Say "VK do EFT healing for my mind and complete body " continuously for 24 hours and than go into using the cosmic serum ONE SOUL SERUM for healing with in your relationships another day after you completed this healing? Could you explain in a little more detail how you did this so I can understand better how to apply for myself?

    I don't understand when you said....."After 3 healing with require set of energies along with One soul serum"
    how did you do that?! And it only took 3 times saying your statement using VK to get a response?!

    Here is what i have been doing the last 2 days.....
    And I honestly can't say that anything has happened yet???

    I TRY to do this as continuously as I can every 30 minutes with the actual VK in my hand and rotate 3 times while saying " VK1 ( I have 3 VK bracelets) GS 3x, please active the effect of a Faster EFT healing with Robert Smith to all my fears" for me Now & FOREVER Thank you" and leave it on the counter until next 30 minutes. When I am not physically with my VK I just see it in my mind where it is ( on my kitchen counter, and in my mind Say VK1 GS, please activate...........

    I would say that I do this healing for myself 15-20 times in a 24 hour period - I haven't been able to do it every single 30 minutes. I also use my 2nd VK sometimes to boost the healing of VK1 when it is available by saying "VK2 please boost the healing of VK1 3x for me Now & FOREVER. Either physically or in my mind when i don't have them with me.
    Is this correct?!

    Also part of me thinks just leaving it open to "my fears" is good cause it lets VK decide what is most important and needs to be addressed instead of me being specific to a particular fear - but than again that might be helpful and speed up a specific healing?

    I also did the Faster EFT healing "to all my doubts" first for 1 day than switched to my fears....

    Your article really struck a cord inside myself with this kind of healing - especially since @Rakhi mentioned me doing that in a conversation I had with her several months ago - And I did try it for sometime ( because i completely agree that my FEARS will start manifesting all kinds of negative things in my life - they already are ) but it seems I just get overwhelmed and don't feel any positive changes in my life so I think that this all isn't working!!! Like I said i "believe" in this and know it can help me but when i don't see changes in what I think is a reasonable time i give up and figure I am doing something wrong - not really that it is VK but ME!

    I have more to say but will start here!!

    Blessings to you all for listening and thank you for your time!!! <3
    Julie <3

  • @Julesmm


    @Barinderjit will explain her experience

    For you i suggest to charge water so that you can have the energy more frequently....not by direct request...

    Charge water with


    The above capital letters are energies that you will request to VK to charge water...say each energy name as it is written above. Drink this water every 30 min daily.....


    We should NOT compare the healing frequency and results with other people....this creates more need to trust and follow your own healing. Learn from others but follow your own requirements.

    I do not know what is FASTER EFT by Robert Smith....but just EFT TO ALL MY FEARS works wonderfully in water with VK. So not commenting on FASTER EFT....

    Healing of mind may take days to weeks to months depending upon the severity and surroundings. It also depends how consistently and regularly one does healing. Most imp to just keep healing without analysis and comparisons
  • Thank you Rakhi so very much for the reminder!!! I feel more at peace reading your words!!! <3

    I do have a question though why the water vs direct request? and I do both? maybe I just have it in my head that direct request is better?

    One other thing i wanted to mention with either using the water method or direct request was what about when you are working on multiple things - like me doing this healing with EFT and also to doing a separate healing for keeping my immune system up? I will be able to incorporate this water healing for myself but doing healings on my husband won't be that easy - he won't take a drink of water every 30 minutes - he will think im crazy - lol

    so because i have 3 VK can i do a direct healing on him for anti addiction healing and a separate one for immune healing at the same time?

    Thank you for your time, help and support!!
    Blessings <3

  • @Julesmm
    Golden Sunrise
    To clear most of your doubts and to get answers to most of your questions please direct yourself to read Basics of VK one more time through this link

    All methods of sending energies are equally effective, there's no doubt in that,whatever matters is your intention. When we charge water for a certain healing your VK is free in 5 minutes after charging water and you can do several other healings by direct requests.

    Drinking more water is not a crazy thing as one should be drinking atleast 2-3 litres of water in a day and if this is charged with cosmic serums and healing energies it is a bonus isn't it

    Now regarding you asked about my experience of releasing emotions and ONE SOUL SERUM use
    I wanted to improve my relationship with specific person but due to some past hurts and past feelings I was reluctant to do that healing even though I knew since last year what I need to do with VK to achieve the results but the trapped emotions of anger, hatred etc were not allowing me to do it but When I did EFT with VK all those emotions vanished fro my mind and automatically VK guided me to do next healing

    But I was not counting any number of healings and wasn't expecting that when will I be able to see results and when I do any healing with VK like this have always got positive results even better than I might have thought.

    So please surrender yourself to Divine while doing healings
    Hope that helps..
  • Thank you @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher and @ Rakhi both for your responses!! Yes that has been helpful!! Continuing on the learning
    and healing journey!! Appreciate the help and support!! Blessings to all!!

  • When charging wager for someone else, how should I mention about EFT ? Activate EFT to all my fears will not work, right?

  • @haresh
    Why will it not work?
    How do you charge water with affirmations for others?
  • I charge by taking the name of the person. I did the same when charging with EFT energy.

  • @haresh
    For water you need not take name of person while charging water
    Just say EFT to all my fears and charge water with VK. Whoever will drink the water their fears will be released thro EFT
  • Golden Sunrise

    I am also facing the same problem as Ms @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher ....The hatred and anger towards certain people is still not subsiding...I am taking charged water for mental healing...yet I cant forgive the person and it triggers more of my anger and hatred. Due to that i cant resolve my stomach issue and always have some sort of chest congestion as well...
    Can I do psychic surgery for my brain mdm @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ....i wanna forgive that person and move on but i feel like something is stopping me from doing so. Fear also has crept in when i think how to come out of this stituation and am i gonna be like this forever.
  • @Jeyanthi85

    Please don't stress yourself with act of forgiveness. It cannot happen forcefully, it happens naturally from within. It may require some level of transformation, for which mental healing is required.

    Continue mental healing not with the stress of forgiveness but with intention of peaceful and happy life for yourself.

    Don't count how many days and how many times you tried to release hate and anger. Rather concentrate on the life that you want to live irrespective of people who hurt.

    Give gratitude to people who love and care for you. Additionally even if people who made you angry or caused hatred ness, check if they did any small thing which was good for you. Give gratitude to them for these small acts too.

    You may explore psychic surgery and share your results

  • Thank you madam for the golden advise
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