A Surprising Gift from VK

In my home there is no separate pooja room or any other room for doing meditation. So i have to do the medition in the bedroom on a mat leaning to the cot. It is a very difficult task for me because i can't sit erect and folding my legs for atleast 10 mins also, so i have to change the positions of my body in 30 to 45 mins of meditation.
I was thinking of this ...i mean to solve my problm so that i can do meditation in a comfortable place with peace.
One day when i was seeing online shopping apps .to my surprise..i saw the word and image of "meditation chair". Untill then i dont know about this i didn't even imagine of a thing like this....
First i hesitated to buy as the cost was little high but VK helped me in buying and doing meditation very comfortabbly now.

VK listens to our heart is very much true

Thank you Sharat sir for the Divine tool VK.
Thank you VK forum .


  • VK gives us surprises ... Wow !!!
    VK rocks!!!
    Happy to be chosen by divine VK!!!
    Gratitude to Sharat sir and VK family
  • Nice experience, thankyou for sharing.
  • Thank you :)

    Puneet sir
    Anit Nayak sir
  • Very happy for you ☺
    Yes VK do listen to our heart. I too didn't had money to buy VK but it had choosen me & was listening to my heart. My VK (even though I had not seen or touched personally was listening & fulfilling my wish. It arranged for my money & came in my life just for me. I love my Divine friend my Divine VK.
    Thank you very much Sharat sir for all your efforts and inventions to help mankind.
    Thank you very much all teachers and VK family for helping me to understand and guide me through all the situations with your guidance ???????? ???????? ???????? ☺
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you n number of times Thank you ???????? ???????? ????????
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