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Severe Leg Pain, my husband is now walking without pain

edited September 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
My husband was suffering from severe right leg pain and cd not walk for even 10 mins. I am a new VK user and read the posts for healing pain. I used Mahamritunjay Mantra,Pain care serum, Key Pen Serum Perfect Health Serum , Balance Serum and All Clear Serum as shown in VOB video. Magically on the first day itself his pain healed and he was surprised when he stood in the line at Saibabas mandir without pain for a whole one hour. Then slight pain was felt by him but he cd walk. Now he requests me to do VOB 3 times a day and slowly but surely he is healing. I am ecer thankful and grateful to VK and to Sharat Sir for this magiacl tool of healing. Thank u so much.


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