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VK my GPS of a new prespective

So this is something which VK helped me to manifest and this is more of understanding my own self. This was not instant like many of them have shared or expect, As this was more of understanding and connecting with my own self inside.
Scenario was like many times people make scape goat of me and many other people. So there is one chap in the office and I used to always have clash and fights with this person. Always it resulted in a mail brawl and then seniors had to interfere and give a solution.

I started looking all this from VKs prespective. I PRAYED VK TO BE MY GPS AND BLESS MY BRAIN WITH COLD ICE BEFORE I REACT and all i did was touched VK for 10 seconds and take deep breaths before reacting to whatever people said to me.VK gave me a complete new direction and it took slowly and around 22 days for relaxing myself and thinking before reacting and yes the results are good.
I am enjoying with all off my colleagues now and we are more of a family and yes I give ONE SOUL SERUM to our entire team everyday and results are tremendous with good bonding.
Lastly, The people who made many of them scape goats are also out of the team now with the ALL CLEAR SERUM.


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