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Walking through fire with no wounds, my VK experience


On the festival of Holi, i was doing Parikrama (walking around with prayers) around the holi bonfire, Holika dhahan ritual.

While walking, suddenly i felt very intense pain in my left foot and then even on my right foot. The pain increased as if it was a piercing needle, going deep inside. Before i could find out what it was, a man came running behind me and shouted, "You are walking on fire, walk out fast" and then he screamed at the crowd, why no-one came ahead to put this aside.

It was actually the dried cowdung burning pieces, which had fallen outside the pyre on my way. As i was in praying mode, i didn't see what was lying ahead and I walked over those burning cowdung pieces.

Hearing his words "fire" , i got little panic thinking what must have happened to my feet. I was still trying to come out of the big crowd, i just requested VK to send BEAUTY SERUM to both my feet with intention that my skin should be intact.

As i came out of the crowd, i realised the pain became unbearable to even stand. I took my VK and just did 3-4 rotations on my foot with chanting ICE ENERGY in my mind, i did the same to the other foot. I could not do more rotations and my legs were trembling with pain and i could not balance myself. I felt i could not stand more, but there was no place to sit. I just prayed VK to take care.

Within few seconds my pain subsided and i could walk. I must have walked around atleast for an hour after this. I did not look at my feet. After i came back, i washed my feet to see. And there were no burns, no scratches, no cuts, the skin was intact, The skin was very little swollen, which got normal next day.

Gratitude to Divine VK, my saviour !!

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in my life !!


  • Woww divinely Graceful VK experience didi.
    Thankyou for sharing this motivating post, what could be better with VK take care so quickly in panic situations.
    Gratitudes to the Divine powers of VK
    Gratitudes to Sharat Sir
  • Indeed it was a first hand experience I witnessed. I was with Rakhji at that moment and saw a few moments of unbearable soon as she rotated vk and gave ice energy she was walking like nothing happened.At night I saw her foot and there were no burnt marks at all.Divine gratitude to VK and Sharat sir
    Selvarani Malaysia

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher golden energy with vk new idea to me.Take care.VK is yr saviour.

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