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I want my glowing skin back with cosmic serums

GOLDENSUNRISE MY VK skin is becoming dull day by day....iam using alpha woman serum +beauty serum+fem serum+all clear serum daily....kbi kbi skip ho jata hai koi b mil raha hai sying u r lukng dull n ol.......


  • @shaluoli

    All Clear Serum may not be required if there is no skin problems like hyperpigmentation or scars or acne or pimples.

    Instead add MOOD UP SERUM and BALANCE SERUM.

    Also check if you are taking enough sleep and diet. Skin is the mirror reflecting physical and mental stress many times.

    Charge your beauty or personal hygiene products like soap shampoo facewash scrub also .

    If possible bath water.

    Do things what you like to do.

    If there is any mental stress energise that area of your life too.

    You are the same person who posted success with beautiful skin using VK few weeks back . Do check yourself is there anything which is disturbing you.

  • Yes di thnkuuuuu veryyyy much u
  • GS shaluoli....i want to add to above discussion ,as i experienced it...along with above serum you can add sheild of 7 rays too.Do it n share your experience
  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    Please share your experience with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for skin .

  • Thnku so much sonia di....please share your experience.....thnku so much my vk tkng cre
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