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Speak LESS about your problems and ACT MORE with VK in your hand.

:3 With VK you can clear the path and attract prosperity by using TOTAL WEALTH SERUM. Add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect.

:3 Raise your confidence and improve your personality with ALPHA MALE SERUM (if you are a male) and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (if you are a female)

:3 However if you feel low or dull very often about your current situation, cheering up yourself would be a better option. Because Happiness Attracts More Happiness.
So include MOOD UP SERUM.

:3 BALANCE SERUM can be added to any healing without a second thought.

B) If you are feeling yourself to be in above situation, then gear up and be ready to receive prosperity..... ENJOY the journey to your DREAMS Happily and Boldly.

You can charge water with above energies. Drink this charged water at least 4 times in a day or even more if there is a need.
You can drink one sip of water as one dose. And drink small sips through out the day if you feel to have more energy.

<3 If you cannot charge water for others and still want to help them.’

Just write the name of the person on paper and the energy names also on the paper.

Hold VK in your hand and request “VK Please Activate this healing x 3 “ and keep VK on this paper for around 30 min

You can even activate every 10 min, back to back 10min X 3 times for more energy.

<3 Additional Tip :
1. Be patient and continue doing your required actions till you get results.
2. Be realistic. Universe has a lot to offer. Prosperity will come to you based on your worthiness and your efforts. So always intent for deserving prosperity.
3. You can add BRAVO SERUM or ALL CLEAR SERUM on need basis.
4. You can BOOST this healing if you have Multiple VKs

To know more about the energies, click on the links.

Do share your experiences with VK Tips and inspire all of us.

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!


  • Thankyou for sharing didi, simple and amazing VK tip.
  • Here energy names means serums? Coz I read earlier that serums names cannot be written on paper.... Pls clarify this.... Thanks in advance....
  • @Dolly

    Yes Serums are also energies.

    Cosmic Serums can be written on paper, but they should NOT be written within a circle.

    When you write Serum names without circle, you allow them to work beyond the person's name.

  • Ok.... Now it's clear.... Thanks a lot mam
  • Golden sunrise Rakhi mam
    I am using vk since 1 month by water charging method for husband for his business to prosper,I charge the water with MMM, GS,BS,& TWS which he takes with him to his shop, but till now no improvement in my husband's business mam . After demonitisation sales in our shop has collapsed completely, and now a days we find it very difficult to meet our daily expenses.
    Mam ,am I using my vk in wrong way? Please help.
    One thing I have experienced after wearing vk is that I have become calm, and enjoy a peace inside which was not experienced before , and have the faith that this bad time will also pass.
  • @Vidya


    Will answer your question.

    Before that i request you to post here full forms of EACH energy that you are using and the PURPOSE of that energy. And how they will help in combination. for your husband in business

    Thanks for posting your own experience of feeling peaceful.....

  • Golden sunrise
    Rakhi mam ,
    Sorry for posting the serum names in short form. Mam I charge water with GOLDEN SUNRISE, MAHAMRITYUNJAY MANTRA, BALANCE SERUM and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for his business.
  • @Vidya

    Thanks Vidya....

    Now also post purpose of EACH energy for your husbands biz

  • Mam for his business I charge all this serum's in one bottle only.
  • @Vidya

    Thanks Vidya....

    I want to know the reason or basis of EACH of this energy. How each energy will help.

  • Sorry mam, I didn't understand yr question, but I charge GS and MMM in water to have peace & have positive attitude , because due to downfall in business husband is in great depression.
    Balance serum for him to take correct decision in his business,which he don't have now.and loose his temper every now and then.TWS is for his prosperity .
    Mam, If I am making mistakes please correct me, and guide me
  • @Vidya

    I asked you the full forms....because BEAUTY SERUM is BS . Balance Serum is not BS but BLS.

    Hope you are using full forms of Cosmic Serums while sending energy. Because Cosmic Serums can be accessed with VK only by calling them with Full forms.

    You are right GOLDEN SUNRISE is for positivity and additionally it enhances healing when used in combination with VK.

    MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA is a mantra by Lord Shiva . This mantra works mostly on health ....its also known to be used to conquer death.

    In all the VK methods learning post...its mentioned that healing related to TWO DIFFERENT aspects should not be combined in a single healing or else energies get divided.

    So here you should avoid using health mantra MAHA MRUTYUNJAY MANTRA in combination with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM as one is for health and other is for wealth.

    You later mentioned that your husband gets angry here you need to do mental healing for him. You can decide which healing he would require CALM DOWN SERUM or MOOD UP SERUM. Must read this VK Tip 26 by Sharat Sir on mental healing.

    He guides that people who are mentally disturbed require continuous healing over a period of atleast 3 to 6 months.

    With Total wealth serum you can club the mental serum.

    You can add ALPHA MALE SERUM in healing for his winning attitude and personality. Do read about it.

    You can send ALL CLEAR SERUM to his business situation with a simple request.

    Give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to him, his biz and his career

    If the energy need is more, increase the healing frequency. Read in BASICS OF VK post no 13

    Do not count the healing days....Request VK for a joyful prosperous life NOW FOREVER for your family.
  • @Vidya

    You can keep sending GOLDEN SUNRISE to all his biz activities.

    Request VK in your own words

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE bless me and my family with a joyful life Now Forever

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE bless my family a prosperous life NOW FOREVER

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE open new doors of opportunities for my husband Now.

    VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make way for my husband's fluorishing business Now FOREVER

    You can also take TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM to get new opportunities.

    You can give SHIELD OF 7 RAYS and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to your bank accounts to balance cashflow
  • Thank u so much Mam for your kind guidance .
  • @Vidya
    Golden sunrise
    It's good that you want happiness, best of everything in life, when we wish something from divine they are there with us to bless.Its just a matter of time when ones wish get fulfilled ,you been lucky to have VK that too with cosmic serum. So have patience while giving healing without any thoughts in your mind as at times our thoughts comes in between our blessings from divine. Give your full surrender to divine or VK to do their work. Golden sunrise to you, your efforts n your future life.
  • Thank you Mam.
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