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Spiritual Development, Ascension & Developing Chakras Aura

This discussion was created from comments split from: How to use VK to get benefits of planet.


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    I have a very basic question , after getting DIVINE VK we all are able to solve our problems and issues.
    But what is left out is Developing Spiritually , developing chakras having self-realization.

    In one of the articles on DIVINE VK , I read that simply by wearing VK our chakras work better and expand multiple times.

    Is there any Serum for Spiritual development , ascension or developing chakras , Aura ?

    I have been using this " Purify , heal and develop all my chakras " as a request to DIVINE VK.

    Is there any better way to have Spiritual Development?

  • Golden SunRise, really delighted to learn that you have utilized Cosmic energies of VK successfully. But you are right in saying that Spiritual Development should be left out.

    As you are already informed, simply keeping VK in touch with you, elevates your Aura, Magnetic field of the body and Chakra performance. But spirituality initiates in your Soul. However, Golden Sunrise may support you in it, there is no Serum for it.

    Please refer Chapter 18 of your Manual which explains about Chakras and its activation. Your way is the best way. There is no need to search for a better one. VK works on your thoughts, so why look for a technique. Intend, focus and affirm in the simplest language to clean, activate and elevate. You are sure to get fantastic results.

  • Thank you Sanjay Sir for your guidance.
    **We have got a very good chance to be elevated Spiritually with the Help of DIVINE VK. **

    Thus wanted some guidance. Yes you are Right Intention will pave the way with the Help of DIVINE VK.

  • At the same Time , I wanted some of the experiences or things Others are doing for their spiritual growth with DIVINE VK.

    any particular practice experience can be shared here , which will motivate and help us all.

  • Ashish
    Meditation with VK has helped me to connect with my own self. Earlier it was seemingly impossible even to calm myself to get into meditative mode.
    Just wearing VK has made me more compassionate. So now i have lesser complaints for others. I connect with more people at soul level than before.
    Now i don't feel bad if i don't follow rituals....I pray through VK.
    We don't have to search for Divine, its already within us.
    Same way we don't have to search for ways/methods for Spiritual growth, VK is doing it for us. Allow it to do.

  • Thanks Rakhi for sharing your experience. Hope it adds to @Ashish's inspirations.

    But @Ashish, I would like to tell you that Spiritual journey is Singular and you should not be looked forward to other's experience. It is so because spiritual levels are individual for everyone of us. Rakhi ji has her own levels of Spirituality and you have your own. As such not even you can predict what may be your experience, when your Chakras are activated. I have left my body thrice in this and cannot explain the ecstacy that I felt at that time. My hands float in air automatically without any effort due to enhanced magnetic repultions. But this is my experience. Yours will be yours. Please never compare or aspire for the same happenings.

    As Rakhi ji has said in her conclusive statement, Do not search for ways.......surrender and let it happen. VK is your chariot. Let it take you to the bliss you deserve.

  • Thank you Rakhiji and Sanjay sir for sharing your experiences.
    Yes I understand that comparison or expecting the same thing is not Right.

    Sometimes when we are confused and when we read experiences , the inspiration to carry on is derived. That has been the case with me.

    Thank you again for guiding.

  • @GOLDEN_Ashish

    You can now use BALANCE SERUM to balance your Chakras, AURA and harmonise your body, mind and soul.

  • Thank you Rakhiji and Puneetji for the information.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for this Gift.

  • Golden Sunrise,Ashish ji.
    Balancing of chakra is an important factor along with healing and development ,as I understand about chakra's
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