Serums for Spine when Backbone is shifted 50%.

Dear all,

Which serums we should use to align when spine when Backbone is shifted 50%.

Currently using

  1. PCS
  2. PHS
  3. GS

Also mimicking the Chiropractic Adjustments required to straighten the spine.

Any Suggestions are welcome.




  • Add Balance Serum and maha mrityunajy mantra energy too. Do VOB, make water to drink and energise some cream to be applied on the back.

    1. PCS
    2. PHS
    3. GS
    4. Balance Serum
    5. Maha Mrityunay Mantra Energy.

    VOB, Water, and Cream.

    I will keep you posted on the progress.

  • Waiting for your success
  • Though suggested energies would work but Just VOB helps best in this case...

    Mimicking the Chiropractic Adjustments helps to straighten the spine.
    As guided by Sharat Sir
  • HOLd VK and say “ Chiropractic adjustments for xyz” 3 times and leave VK either on their name or image or even without the name or image.

    Repeat it as often as possible.

    Also do VOB of back. You can energies some stroll or dupatta with the above mentioned energies and tie around the affected part.
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