How to heal Keloid

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Golden Sunrise to all !!

I have a couple of keloids on my chest - keloid is an excess growth of collagen on the skin and form from a scar on the skin. Keloids keep on growing in size and are itchy at times as well. They appear like a reddish bump on the skin.

Please help me with the best approach I should follow to heal these keloids.


  • @priyanka

    You can use energies of Care Serum, All clear serum, GOLDEN SUNRISE and Balance Serum.

    You can take bath and charge some cream or medicated powder with the above mentioned energies.

    Also do VOB directly on these unwanted growths with MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA energy.
  • You can charge water both to drink and take bath with the above mentioned energies.
  • @priyanka

    You can also do Psychic Surgery for colloids.

    If there is itching, add BEAUTY SERUM to combination suggested by Payal in above posts.

    You can also send energy of COLD COMPRESS to Kelloids with safety and security.

    Charge you personal hygiene products with GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM

  • Thank you so much Payal & Rakhi...I will follow these..

  • Thank you and take care

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