How to energise lucky things kept at home

how to energise lucky man idol n feng shui bamboo kept in my home??


  • You can energies them with GOLDEN SUNRISE energy.

    You can energies them with All Clear Serum too if you need to clear any negative energy.

    Also read about @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor new invention Vibbes Seeder which is a one stop solution to all vastu issues.
  • @Kari

    VK emits positive energies and charges almost everything.

    To charge something so that they emit energies and clear them frequently like Feng Shui Bamboos or would it be to directly charge your home using VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    But if the home requires continuous energy , VIBBES SEEDER is there for you to take care not only of Feng Shui faults or Vaastu Doshas, but also protection from Earth's electromagnetic radiations that pierces a house causing harmful health effects. VIBBES SEEDER also takes care of negative energy of homes, without any need to charge it or clear its energies.

    VIBBES SEEDER is permanent solution for all above.

    What say Kari....

  • Ya Rakhi di.but right now i cant buy Vibbes there need to be other solutions.i wil always keep the intention to buy it Now
  • @Kari

    Yes you can give this intention to VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE to make way for VS at your home NOW !

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